Klay Thompson lors d'une interview avec les Warriors

Klay Thompson empties his bag: “They don’t deserve, we forget them”

If he undoubtedly accuses a certain lack of rhythm since his return, Klay Thompson has not lost his outspokenness during his absence. This was verified with his last big crop in a press conference.

In relative discretion, he gradually begins to become the determining player he was during the Warriors dynasty. After lamenting a big delay in ignition during his resumption matches this season, Klay Thompson has shown in recent weeks a level much closer to his standards. For the past month, he has averaged 24 points and 37.2% from 3 points, figures worthy of those he delivered before his serious injuries.

Faced with this vision, many Warriors fans are already chomping at the bit to reunite with the star fullback and his two usual partners in crime, Draymond Green and Steph Curry, in the playoffs. Three years after his last appearance in the postseason, which ended in a loss in the Finals against the Raptors, the Big Three of the Dubs have real revenge to take. However, many elements have changed since then!

Klay Thompson massacres Warriors ‘fake fans’

In the space of three seasons, the supporting cast of Golden State has completely transformed, with only Andre Iguodala, Damion Lee and Kevon Looney surviving in the workforce. Same observation for the team’s fanbase, very different from that which Klay was able to know at its beginnings. He rightly mentioned this latest development with a bang at a press conference on Tuesday, after being launched on the coast of Nemanja Bjelica in the Bay.

Man, no one is liked by the fans. The fans are so… Pff. True fans know this. I’m talking about those who already supported us before we won titles. Those who have gone through many seasons where we did not win. But these new fans who have landed, who expect excellence but who could not be found before, they can get away with it. We forget them. They don’t deserve to represent the Warriors.

And pan. Suffice to say, if you joined the Warriors bandwagon after 2015, you have no place in Killa Klay’s heart. Arriving in 2011 at Golden State, Thompson had the franchise’s last lean year. He therefore prefers to give importance to the supporters who already accompanied the Dubs at that time, rather than to those who showed up during the period of domination that followed.

This speech will undoubtedly please the first category mentioned, but much less the second, in which many members of the Dub Nation fit. Instead of uniting these two groups at the edge of the playoffs, and thus receiving the maximum support, Klay therefore chose to dissociate them. Not sure if this is the best move to make in this context!

Before engaging in the battles of the final stages that await him, Klay Thompson has decided to fight against the opportunistic fans of the Warriors. A certain way of being well seen by the supporters of always, but of putting others on their backs.

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