La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, s'est adressé à Russell Westbrook après sa nouvelle soirée galère au tir face aux Sacramento Kings

LeBron’s declaration on Westbrook that could change everything!

LeBron James will once again be very involved in the decisions made by his leaders regarding the Lakers’ workforce for next season. Russell Westbrook’s name has been floated by the media, and the King has made a statement that could change everything.

LeBron James has been huge on an individual level this season, averaging more than 30 points, which is simply exceptional for a 37-year-old player, but he unfortunately failed to carry his Lakers to the playoffs. Moreover, in the offices of the franchise, some leaders would hold him partially responsible of this terrible fiasco.

The other obvious culprit is Russell Westbrook, who never knew how to evolve at his best level in Frank Vogel’s system, and far too often he was a burden for the King and not a support. Under these conditions, he could be the second fuse to blow following the departure of the trainer, and a team would already be well positioned on the file.

LeBron James loved his experience with Russell Westbrook

As the big boss that he is, LeBron appeared in front of the media first on Monday for his big end-of-season interview. The point guard case obviously came up with all these rumors, and the King made a statement. much more tender than Anthony Davis the day before. While criticism would have been understood, he expressed his love for Russell Westbrook’s game.

One thing that I love about Russell Westbrook and will always love is his competitive spirit and everything he brings to the field. In a profession where so many injuries can happen, having a guy you can rely on so much, a guy who is ready to put on the team kit every night, is something I respect a lot. I’m not going to sit in front of you and make decisions for the leaders, but I love being Russell Westbrook’s teammate.

While the name of Russell Westbrook is already back in the rumors, LeBron James said he likes his side, which could totally change Rob Pelinka’s approach for the offseason. If the King expresses his desire to evolve with the point guard, why go against this will, especially since it will be extremely difficult to trade… Even if one in the other, LeBron only wants one thing:

LeBron says it’s only natural to start thinking about the roster for next season, figuring out how players can get along better, and looking to find a roster that can win more games no matter where they have to. play: “My goal is to be able to play all the positions”.

LeBron James is an excellent communicator who leaves nothing to chance. Did he do this statement because he wants to keep it and give it a chance, or was he trying to say goodbye, placed under the sign of benevolence?

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