La superstar NBA des Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic, pourrait voir débarquer du joli monde dans sa franchise avant la trade deadline

“Let them go on vacation, we are playing the playoffs”

Some players sometimes come out winners from their trade, especially if they land on a better team. A big Mavs rookie has just experienced this scenario… and the player in question did not hesitate to shoot his former team recently.

Still in the race to climb on the podium in the Western Conference, Dallas (48 wins for 30 losses) stumbled badly by bowing heavily on the floor of Washington (135-103). Their major five was fully present, but there was no game between the Texans of Luka Doncic (36 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists) and the men of the capital. On paper, the result is therefore necessarily frustrating for Jason Kidd’s men who still have a success behind the Warriors.

Incidentally, this match was the occasion for a reunion between Spencer Dinwiddie (8 points) and the Wizards. The point guard signed there last summer, but was traded to the Mavs before the deadline following a very strong tensions between him and the locker room. Since his departure, he has also made no secret that he was very unhappy with his experience at DC Asked about the subject at a press conference, he decided to drop a final tackle on his former team:

Spencer Dinwiddie shoots Wizards after Dallas loss

I said what I had to say about their organization. I know they’ve since made comments about their own dressing room that kind of validated what I said about the situation. Ditto for their balance sheet after the All-Star Game… I will not continue to hound me on them. Let them focus on their offseason, we’re going to the playoffs.

It is true that in this story, the guard is clearly the one who came out the best. Author of a great start to the season, Washington (34-43) ended up collapsing during the winter and is now only 11th in the Eastern Conference. With 4.5 victories behind Brooklyn, the Wizards don’t even have a chance of even reaching the Play-In. Bradley Beal’s premature end to the season notably precipitated the disappointing outcome of the 2021-22 campaign.

Conversely, Dinwiddie now finds himself in a very competitive roster, and it shows in the numbers he likes in Texas. While he is no longer a starter, his scoring numbers have exploded compared to his freelance at the Wizards (16.7 points at 49% shooting against 12 points at 39%). Behind Doncic and Jalen Brunson, he brings his experience and his offensive talent which will not be too much when it comes to playing the post-season games. We’ve seen worse as a change of scenery!

Faced with the galleys of the Wizards, Spencer Dinwiddie must clearly rub his hands. What does it matter if he is not appreciated in the capital: he will play the playoffs, while his ex-team will only watch them on television.

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