Ligue 1, 31st day – PSG beats Clermont (1-6), MNM: hat-tricks from Mbappé and Neymar, Messi delivers three assists

Ligue 1, 31st day – PSG beats Clermont (1-6), MNM: hat-tricks from Mbappé and Neymar, Messi delivers three assists

Paris continues and makes the show. After three setbacks away from their bases, PSG got the better of Clermont on Saturday at the Gabriel-Montpied stadium, during the 31st day of Ligue 1 (1-6). The talent of his attacking trio allowed the Parisians to quickly take a two-goal lead, signed Neymar (6th) and Kylian Mbappé (19th). Guilty of a slight relaxation at the end of the first act, the capital club was surprised by Jodel Dossou (42nd). Left relatively free by the Auvergnats, the three fantastic feasted in the second half. Mbappé (74th, 80th) and Neymar (71st from the penalty spot, 83rd) each scored a hat-trick. Not to be outdone, Messi distinguished himself with three assists. With this second win in a row, the capital club temporarily takes a 15-point lead. Clermont stagnates for its part in 17th place.

The MNM Festival

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Less than a week after the show offered at the Park, the star triplet of PSG gave the cover on Saturday in Clermont. This time, no observation round. Found in the right space and the right tempo by Lionel Messi, Neymar crossed his left foot to open the scoring (6th). The Auvergnats claimed for their part a foul by Mbappé on Alidu Seidu at the start of the action. The VAR confirmed the referee’s judgment, and the “MNM” proceeded. Served in front of the area, Messi caught a cold with two defenders with a feint from the left before seeing his countered attempt from the right flirt with the goals of Arthur Desmas (14th). The highlight of the show came five minutes later, after an exhibition worthy of the talent of the protagonists.

After inheriting a well-felt pass from Neymar, Messi gratified the public of Gabriel-Montpied with a sequence of chest control-passes towards Mbappé, who only had to prick his ball above by Desmas (19th). The Frenchman’s 18th Ligue 1 goal, but not the last of the evening. Involved and serene, the Rouge et Bleu have long disgusted the Auvergne first pressing, until a culpable release. Moving in his right lane, the hard-hitting Dossou scored from close range, on a tense cross from Saif-Eddine Khaoui (42nd). A burst which for a time maintained hope in the spans of the Auvergne enclosure.

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Mbappé, always higher, always stronger

Until the hour of the game, the most optimistic thoughts germinated in abundance under the skull of Pascal Gastien, exiled in the stands because suspended. Les Rouge et Bleu stopped circulating the ball at high speed, with one touch. As a logical consequence, the opportunities were rarer. Except that Clermont has conceded a whopping twelve goals in its last four outings and a lapse in concentration could not be ruled out. Seven minutes after a canceled goal for Messi for a premature call from Mbappé (63rd), Akim Zedadka missed his intervention on the Frenchman, launched at high speed into the box (70th). The penalty awarded was converted by Neymar (71st).

Forced to discover themselves, the Clermontois opened up the spaces more, to the delight of the MNM, which did not ask for so much. With a delicious exterior from the right, Neymar served Mbappé perfectly, clinically opposite Desmas (74th, 1-4). Even though he didn’t score, Messi delivered another satisfying copy, in a more remote distributor position. The Argentinian even signed a hat-trick of assists, the last of which propelled Mbappé into the box. By opening his foot, the Bondynois slipped the leather out of reach of Desmas, very unfortunate this Saturday (80th, 1-5). No time to breathe, since three minutes later, the last Parisian scorer turned into a passer for Neymar, who only has to push the ball into the back of the net (83rd, 1-6).

The world champion could even have afforded a quadruple, without a stoppage from Desmas shortly before the end of regulation time (89th). With 20 goals and 14 assists on the clock, the Frenchman dominates Ligue 1 head and shoulders. As the season seemed to be leaning irrevocably towards a hushed twilight, the magical trio have seemingly found their groove. A bit too late, some will say, but the potential displayed within the “MNM” can feed the wildest dreams for next season. For now, that should be enough to grab the championship, 15 points ahead of the competition. Attractive but naive as often, the Clermontois no longer advance and chained a fifth loss in a row. The maintenance mission is far from assured. Consolation prize, Gabriel-Montpied undoubtedly enjoyed the show.

Kylian Mbappé during Clermont-PSG (1-6) in Ligue 1

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