Ligue 2: miraculously, Nîmes Olympique crucifies Rodez in added time

Ligue 2: miraculously, Nîmes Olympique crucifies Rodez in added time

Nîmes, who got two goals back, won an unexpected victory against Raf during the 35th day of Ligue 2, this Friday, April 22.

It was a miraculous victory that the Crocos won on Friday evening against Ruthenians who can blame themselves, especially Mpasi who precipitated the fall of his team in added time by missing a recovery and offering the victory ball to Omarson.

Ruthénois who thought they had pocketed the point of the draw and who would have greatly deserved to pocket it. “As long as we make unforgivable mistakes at this level, it will be hard to win matches“, regretted the coach of Raf Laurent Peyrelade who replied”I do not knowto the question of whether his team would be able to recover from this cruel scenario.

Koné-Omarsson, paying association

Cruel scenario for Rodez, unexpected and unexpected for Nîmes.

We thought, however, that the Crocos were heading for a quiet victory. At half-time, facing Ruthenians who then gave the impression of sinking in silence, without being able (to want) to revolt, they led quite quietly 2-0.

2-0 thanks to Sadzoutsharp and precisesaid his coach, who had swallowed his left lane and delivered two millimeter crosses. 2-0 through Koné and Omarssonassociated from the start for only the third time of the season, the first under the Usaï era and once again at Costières.

The first cross from the left side on loan from Louvain was saved from the chest by Omarsson for Koné (9th achievement), who shot from the left Mpasi (1-0, 18th). On his second, Omarsson threw himself at the far post to score his 5th goal (2-0, 36th). Omarsson and Koné scorers in the same meeting, as against Nancy (2-1, 18th day),

Without reaction, the Aveyronnais had not yet been outclassed. At half-time, they had shot as many times as the Gardois (5) and crossed almost four times more, but they had purred too much and lacked determination in their technical gestures and their inefficiency – worst attack in L2 tied with Nancy – had once again been glaring, like this header pricked by Raux-Yao (corner of Boissier) who had not found the target (25th).

Nîmes got scared

The Crocos, positioned in a 4-4-2 diamond, had patiently woven their web. A canvas that the Aveyronnais literally tore off and crushed on recovery. Another Ruthenian team returned to the pitch. A transfigured team which equalized in the space of three minutes, taking advantage of the largesse of a beleaguered defense and a team from Nîmes which definitely had a hard time staying the course when their boat began to rock. “A confusing team“, conceded Nicolas Usaï. Nîmes had 55.6% possession at the break and finished the game with 49.8%, proof that the Crocos struggled and did not know how, despite their assured maintenance and their two-goal lead, to play without pressure. . Until the end, they will drag their failing mind, to which they added a guilty smugness on Friday.

Putting “crazy energy» (Peyrelade), Rodez made up for his delay thanks to Danger (2-1, 52nd) and Célestine (2-2, 55th) and was not far from scoring the third goal. In its situation, the RAF would have finally settled for a draw. It was before that fatal ball of Mpasi and this victorious shot by Omarsson, the only Crocos in the second act.

#Soccer #League2 the @nimesolympique won on the wire against @RAFOfficial on the 35th day. Relive the match on our website ⤵️⤵️

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