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After the very good qualification for the Final of the Coupe de France, SIG Strasbourg found its Rhenus and its public within the framework of the Betclic ELITE and a match against Paris Basket. Alas a comeback spoiled by a defeat (82-87) granted in the last two minutes because of a 0-13 in 1’50 which killed the match and all the efforts made before…

The SIGmen had a little trouble finding the rhythm at the start of the game. Legs were maybe a little heavy after a busy weekend. The engagement was there, make no mistake, but the address was starving. Leo Cavalière nevertheless imposed himself in the painting, offering twice as many shots to our team as in Paris, but the 1/9 after 4′ penalized us badly: 2-7, 4′. The problem was also that even when the SIGmen found a little skill to pick up, the referees showed themselves overwhelmed by events. One or two decisions had the merit of waking everyone up and really getting the SIG Strasbourg machine going! Thus, a 9-2 with Leo as a walking firecracker carried us and the Strasbourg collective found a good pace: 13-10, 6’30. This brave Leo gave us a quarter of a behemoth with 4pts and especially 7rbs and the whole team got in tune to end the period in a cannonball. Giving a lesson to the Parisians in the battle for the rebound (15-7 after 10′), impacting and overflowing with desire, the team completed the quarter on a buzzer beater from Dre Lansdowne at 8m to take a 4pt lead. End of 1er quarter: 21-17 (evaluation: 25-16).

After 5′ necessary to get going, we really felt our team taking their marks and imposing their game. Paris couldn’t stop the team of coach Tuovi who recited their scales with ease. And, when a 10-0 straddling the two periods fell on their heads, Kyle Allman and his band could only see the damage: 28-17, 13 ‘. Paris time-out and paid time-out. This one succeeded in galvanizing our adversaries who came back with a much better face and Juhann Begarin and Co put a little more energy into their basketball which until then had been quite messy. It was time and above all it rebalanced the debates because the two teams were once again playing eye to eye: 34-29, 16’. Lassi Tuovi felt the wind turn and in turn took a more than necessary time-out to call his men to order because Paris was clearly taking too much ease and, 1’50 from the break, Begarin restored the advantage to his team (34-36, 28’10). In the end, it was the Parisians who finished strong to join the locker room in the lead. Halftime: 38-40 (evaluation: 39-39).

The debates had just really balanced out and above all Paris took advantage of each space to build on their lead (40-47, 21’30). Fortunately, SIG Strasbourg had a few service firefighters in its ranks to put out the start of the fire. With patience and seriousness, Coach Tuovi’s team allowed Allman and his team to gain confidence in order to better nip their inclination in the bud. Kam Taylor, Ike Udanoh or even Matt Mitchell put on their overalls to pass a most pleasant 11-4 and thus put the church back in the middle of the village: 54-51, 26’45. For his part, Leo rider was already in double-double with 10pts and 12rbs at the end of the quarter, but the show was unfortunately assured by the referees who rewarded us with incredible decisions. The two coaches paid the bill by scooping each of a fault of a technical fault, even if the stroke of blood of coach Prat could have deserved much more… In short, let’s move on. Let’s not give more importance than necessary to all this because, with the approach of the last quarter, everything was still to be done. End of 3th quarter: 63-60 (evaluation: 69-58).

Decidedly, Leo Cavalière slammed his game of the season. Thanks to him, the team didn’t give up and his aggressiveness, his selflessness and his fighting spirit did us good to take off 7′ from the buzzer: 72-66, 33′. But Paris did not give up and in the sweat of their brow the visitors reminded us that they were always there to the point of always blowing in the neck of a SIGArmy boiling like a pressure cooker ready to explode (72-71, 34 ’45). But JB Maille was extremely valuable on two sides of the field. He struggled with incredible strength and thanks to him, the team gave themselves a little air when he distilled a caviar to Jordan Howard who scored two points 2′ from the end: 82-74, 38′. But suddenly the sky fell on the heads of our SIGmen. The sky maybe not, but the faults it was certain. With 8 faults to 2 against SIG Strasbourg in the last quarter difficult to be able to fight on equal terms. Money time had a very bitter taste because 4 whistles, 3 of which were incomprehensible, allowed Paris to make an incredible comeback. Thus the 0-13 in 2′ was fatal and all the efforts made before were annihilated by an end to the match which left many people speechless… FINAL SCORE of 82-87 (evaluation: 92-83).

If the SIG Strasbourg was able to count on a Cavalière / Maille de feu duo, dominant as ever in the paint with 27 offensive rebounds, difficult to fight with such a gap at faults: 28 to 15 against the SIGmen… Not to mention the 32 free throws fell on our heads as a result… We would have a lot to say, but the most important thing is to move forward despite this defeat which hurts the head because Coach Tuovi’s team did not deserve this…


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