Manu Ginobili, les 6 exploits qui l’ont envoyé au Hall of Fame

Manu Ginobili, the 6 exploits that sent him to the Hall of Fame

Manu Ginobili will enter the Hall of Fame in 2022, to be the second member of Spurs’ magic trio to be entitled to this honor. There is the prize list, of course, but also the memories of his fantastic performances in the playoffs which helped to make him one of the most beloved and spectacular players of his generation.

2005 – Game 7 of the NBA Finals against Detroit01

Before being the strong man of this crucial match to dethrone the defending champions, Manu Ginobili had experienced a rather special series. Fantastic in Game 3 with 27 points scored (from 8 shots) and 7 assists, he then disappeared a little from the debates due to a thigh injury.

It was obviously before this Game 7 where, hair in the wind (yes, yes), he had been the key man of Texan success. In addition to his defensive harassment job in this game locked by the Spurs (81-74), “El Manu” had shone in attack with 23 points and 4 assists at 8/13. His management of the clock and his diabolical composure on the line in the money time still make the band nightmare at Chauncey Billupswho thought he could pull off a back to back after the 2004 epic.

2008 – Game 1 of the 1st round against Phoenix

His two assists for Michael Finley (to tear off the extension) and Tim Duncan (to force a second) 3 points would probably have been enough to underline its crucial importance in game 1 of this series completed in 5 matches. Except that Manu Ginobili did not stop in such a good way and took things in hand at the end during the 2nd overtime: three baskets in traffic and a 4th which became cult 1.8 seconds from the end.

As a boss, “El Manu” decides to play the shot solo on the last possession and to attempt a possessed drive as he has the secret. Unbalanced and despite the defense of Raja Bell, excuse the little, Gino pierces the net and allows the Spurs to attack the series with a beating drum.

2012 – Game 1 of the Conference final against OKC

In this Game 1 of a series that will see the Spurs fall and OKC reach the first (and last) NBA Finals in its history to date, Manu Ginobili delivers a high-flying duel with the opposing 6th man. A certain James Harden, whose destiny as a candidate for the title of MVP 5 years later is still unimaginable.

Whereas Tim Duncan and Tony Parker are in difficulty offensively, the Argentinian shows the muscles and slams 26 points at 9/14 with 11 pawns in the last quarter and an insolent success in the last minutes, where he passes the Thunder defenders for studs.

2013 – Game 5 of the NBA Finals against Miami

The time machine is running at full speed for the Argentinian in this Game 5 against the huge armada of the Heat. At 35, he plays completely with his opponents to tip the series to 3-2 in favor of the Spurs in front of an audience at the AT&T Center who had not seen him as virtuoso for a few months.

With 24 points, 10 assists and some embarrassing streaks for LeBron James and his band (the “King” himself can’t defend the veteran), Ginobili delivers a little masterpiece that we then believe will be decisive for obtaining a new NBA title. That was without counting Ray Allen’s shoot and a Game 7 better managed by the Floridians…

2014 – Game 5 of the NBA Finals against Miami

Revenge is sweet for Manu Ginobili a year later. For three quarters in this Game 5 which will lead to a 5th ring and the advent of Kawhi Leonard, “El Manu” poisons and drives men crazy.Erik Spoelstra. Provocative, skilful, relentless in recovering the ball, Ginobili scored 19 points in three quarters and killed Miami’s comeback and Three Peat hopes. A feeling of helplessness that will probably lead LeBron James to question himself and return to Cleveland with the fate that we know…

2017 – Game 5 of the Conference Semifinals against Houston

5 years ago, Manu Ginobili achieved the last feat of his fantastic career in the playoffs. The Argentinian seemed at the twilight of his career and about to say stop so as not to damage the memory that he would leave to basketball fans in love with his game for 15 years.

Burying “El Manu” was a bit premature. That day, in Game 5 of the series against the Houston Rockets, the Spurs veteran resurfaced and pulled out two very large costumes: that of principal conductor and that of clutch player that he had long worn. worn in Texas.

Facing the Rockets, therefore, the divine bald not only scored the basket for the game to go into overtime, but also managed a magnificent counter on James Harden at the last second.

“When you need someone in a big time, call Manu”, used to say Gregg Popovich.

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