Martin St-Louis' Brendan Gallagher 2.0 is relevant in training again

Martin St-Louis’ Brendan Gallagher 2.0 is relevant in training again

Martin St-Louis has repeated several times since his arrival in Montreal that he has a plan to allow Brendan Gallagher to remain effective and relevant despite the weight of years (and injuries).

On Wednesday, Marc-Antoine Godin even headlined in TheAthletic that the Canadian intended to reschedule Brendan Gallagher.

Reschedule the heart and soul of the team – which turns 30 next month and still has five years left on its contract at an average annual salary of $6.5 million – it could be seen as something worrying…

But what we saw of this Gallagher 2.0 Tuesday and yesterday also has something to encourage us.

On Tuesday, Gallagher had a goal and an assist in a loss to the Senators. reminder : he was playing on the fourth line his own, alongside Ryan Poehling and Jesse Ylonen.

(Credit: Screenshot/Twitter)

Yesterday, Gallagher again added two points to his record: two assists. He also finished the game with a differential of plus-3. All this in 14:07 spent on the ice…

It’s not just Caufield, Suzuki, Dvorak and Romanov who are playing better since Martin St-Louis took over from Dominique Ducharme behind the bench.

No, I don’t expect the small Montreal #11 to be able to maintain such a production rate over a long period of time…

And yes, I am aware that he still visits the penalty box too often (14 penalty minutes in two games)…

But the Gallagher of this week, he seems to be better shaped for the new NHL than the old. Heading into Tuesday, Gallagher had just 14 points in 43 games.

Since then, it’s four points in two games. And that’s a differential of plus-3 (vs minus-11 before that).

In 23 games between Nov. 26 and March 17, Gallagher had been shut out of the scoresheet 21 times. In other words, he only got on the score sheet twice.

He has just done it in his last two games.

Sparing one’s energies seems to bear fruit.

Has Martin St-Louis really found a way to make Gallagher effective and relevant? It will be necessary to wait a little longer before affirming it without a reasonable doubt. But let’s say that there is currently cause for encouragement…

Stay to hope that when Byron returns, Gallagher will not return to the four. Because to be relevant, a forward who earns an average annual salary of $6.5 million must at least play on the top new. Not on the fourth line!

A lot of

– On Tuesday, I reported to you that Josh Brook (last year of contract) was probably going to be ” strength “ to take the Trois-Rivières road. Well there you go, it’s done. Josh Brook (under contract with the Canadiens) has agreed to be loaned to the Trois-Rivières Lions. The imminent returns of Dello and Paquette-Bisson (in Laval) and his serious injury have taken him down the hierarchy of the Rocket. Brook will join the Lions in Worcester and he could play as soon as weekend. Maybe even tonight? Will he be able to find his synchronism and his game there?

– Igor Shesterkin can be drooling.

– The Rocket will be in action tonight at Place Bell.

– The former administration had North Korean traits in some of its human relations.

– Following the surprise elimination of the University of Michigan (Frozen Oven), several young players are expected to make the jump to the NHL in the coming days.

– The final of Frozen Oven will also oppose Denver (Brett Stapley) and Minnesota State universities. Rhett Pitlick (Minnesota) saw his season come to an end yesterday following a 5-1 loss to Minnesota State.

– Auston Matthews has been just sensational lately.

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