La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, a effacé de façon violente un record précédemment détenu par la légende des Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan

“MJ and LeBron would like me on their team, so I’m Top 10 all-time”

Historical rankings are the subject of much debate in the NBA, and getting there is part of the goals of some superstars. For one of the figures of the current league, his place among the 10 best all-time players would already be assured, argument mixing LeBron James and Michael Jordan in support!

Making a name in the NBA obviously requires a huge dose of talent, but also confidence. Impossible indeed to impose yourself there, without being able to face the thousands of criticisms which can sometimes fall on you. Therefore, it is not surprising to see several players claim loud and clear each year to be the best in the league.

If they don’t necessarily admit it publicly, they all rightly see themselves as part of a sort of elite, sometimes to varying degrees. For example, league superstars are going to tend to aim higher than that status, and seek to earn a place in historic rosters through their careers. This is for example the case of Kevin Durantstriving for excellence from an early age.

KD Top-10 all-time… because desired by LeBron and Jordan?

In a recent interview with Logan Murdock and The RingerKD first returned to his selection in the NBA 75th Anniversary Team, not without showing immense pride.

Be part of the top 75? This sh*t really shook me. This is one of the major accomplishments of my career.

Unlike that of other multiple All-Stars, the presence of Durant in this prestigious casting surprised no one. Accustomed to the Top 50 all-time, and even for several years to the Top 25, the Slim Reaper is still honored by this selection… while demanding more. He thus considers himself to be among the 10 best players in history, letting go of a unique argument to justify himself!

“I’m going to shoot it like this. Let’s say that if Michael Jordan and LeBron James were team captains and we were doing a 5-vs-5, they would want me on their team. I would be one of the 10 players who would play this match. That’s what I think anyway. »

It is true that in terms of sheer talent, Durantula has few equals in history. His profile would therefore be enough to make any team leader salivate in this kind of situation.

However, is this enough to integrate the so recognized Top 10 of the best players of all time? Some will probably think not, since the question of the prize list must also be taken into account. And in this little game, the two champion rings that the leader of the Nets currently presents could make him lose places in favor of much more decorated legends!

Kevin Durant is convinced of this: he is one of the 10 best players in NBA history, since any good captain, however illustrious, would like to have him by his side. Not sure that this explanation convinces everyone!

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