Marathon de Paris : Morhad Amdouni a le record de France en vue

Morhad Amdouni has the French record in sight

The Paris Marathon this Sunday, April 3, 2022 will attract 50,000 participants on a course covering the most legendary sites of the capital. Morhad Amdouni could threaten Benoît Zwierzchiewski’s French record (2h06’36 in 2003).

The game between Morhad Amdouni and Julien Wanders is one of the highlights of the Paris Marathon this Sunday, with perhaps at the end of the cobblestones of Avenue Foch a new French record 19 years old which had been established by Benoît Zwierzchiewski (2h06’36) in 2003… in Paris! For his debut on the 42.195 km in 2019 in the capital, Morhad Amdouni impressed by finishing first Habs and eighth overall in the time of 2h09’14. French cross-country champion on March 13 at Les MureauxMorhad Amdouni had indicated in an interview published in our columns which he hopes at least ” do better than his record “. A race that could also sound like a response to the very nice times of his comrades Hassan Chahdi (2h08’19), Nicholas Navarro (2h08’30) and Benjamin Choquert (2h09’29) at Seville.


Julien Wanders on his way to the marathon

Inspired by athletes like Eliud Kipchoge who he once shared training with in Iten, Kenya, Julien Wanders had wanted for a long time to take the start of a marathon which he considers to be the mythical distance. At 26, the Franco-Swiss founder of Team Asics will therefore compete in his first marathon. A moment awaited by all athletics enthusiasts eager to discover the value of Julien Wanders over the queen distance of road racing, after his European records for the half-marathon (59’13 in 2019) and over 10 km ( 27’13 in 2020). Despite an injury last season, the representative of the Entente Athlétique de l’Arve (Haute-Savoie) showed at the start of the year that he had returned to being very competitive by winning sixth place in the half-marathon of Naples in 1:00:28 on February 27. Legitimately cautious enough for his first marathon, Julien Wanders does not think he will start in the first leading group. It is no less ambitious with a time objective which should be between 2h06 and 2h10. Always on the French side, Abderrazak Charik, seventeenth in Paris in 2021 in 2h13’00 pFor his first appearance over the distance, here is a great opportunity to improve his benchmark mark. Same goal for Michael Gras who has a personal best in 2h16’12 achieved in Frankfurt (Germany) in 2017.



It will go very quickly!

Who will succeed the Ethiopian Tigist Memuye (2h26’11), for women, and Kenyan Elisha Rotich (2h04’21), for men? Unsurprisingly, the information on the Elite grid announces a duel between Ethiopian and Kenyan riders at the head of the race. The ladies will start 18 minutes and 1 second before the men, which corresponds to the difference between the time for the best female performer in 2021 (2h22’30 by Judith Jeptum) and that of the best male performer 2021 (2h04’29 by Seifu Tura) at the start. The early departure from the women’s field to the men’s field makes it possible to enhance the place of women in the peloton by offering them maximum media exposure at the best of times. Yenenesh Dinkesasecond last year and Fantu Jimma, third in 2021 will be on the starting line this Sunday. The Namibian Helalia Johannesthird in the 2020 Valencia Marathon in 2h19’52, the Ethiopian Besu Sado and Kenyan Judith Jeptum make up the trio of favorites for this 45th edition. They will aim to beat the record for the event held since 2017 by the Kenyan Purity Rionoripo (2h20’55). Among men, the Kenyan Hilary Kipsambu and the Ethiopian Deso Gelmisa, respectively third and sixth in the 2021 Paris Marathon, will be in the running. The Ethiopian Seifu Tura, winner of the Chicago Marathon last year, will also be present. No less than six athletes aim to run the 42.195 km under 2:05.

On the para athletics side (Elite wheelchair race), Julien Casoli, finalist of the Tokyo Paralympic Games (800m and 1500m) and recent winner of the 2021 edition of the Paris Marathon, will be the big favorite this Sunday April 3 when setting off on the most beautiful avenue in the world. At the start, seven other international athletes from the world’s top 50 will be to follow, including the Briton Johnboy Smith and the Spanish Rafael Botello Jiménez all with a time of less than 1h35 in 2021, i.e. more than 26 km/h on average. Note also the participation of two female athletes, the Brazilian Vanessa Christina De Souza and the British Eden Rainbow Cooper who trains with the legend David Weir, multi-medal athlete at the Paralympic Games. While scattered rains are expected, the Paris Marathon should meet with new popular success. Indeed, 50,000 runners will crisscross the most prestigious arteries of the French capital.


The route in video


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Photo credit: Antoine Decottignies / STADION

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