News - Zug backs against the wall against 3-point shooters at the buzzer

News – Zug backs against the wall against 3-point shooters at the buzzer

National League

Before EV Zug vs ZSC Lions (Act III)

Warm evening in perspective at the Bosshard Arena where the defending champion may see his crown waver. Zug has no choice if he wants to keep his title, he will have to avoid the impossible bet: to win four times in a row against that Zurich. So we have to win tonight.

On the Lions side, we laugh: leading 2-0 in a series of seven opens up many prospects for a team that smiles at everything. This is currently the case of the ZSC Lions who, without being superior to Zug, have been able to pass the shoulder by taking advantage of all the favorable circumstances.

Tonight at home hofman, Suri and others Kovar will have to materialize. For that it will be necessary to jostle the troop to Groenborg, two victories from his 10th national title (the last dates from 2018). This is the opinion of Dany Gelinasthe technician who will be on the set of MySports as a consultant.

For me, Zug is playing very well. The matches are very tight and very smart is the one who can say today that one dominates the other. But there is a big difference, but really THE big difference when everyone tried to see it at the goalkeeper level, is that Zurich today has the guys who can put the three-point baskets in the buzzer, to borrow an image from basketball. Permanently.

This explains their many successes in these playoffs in the last moments of the game…
Exactly. ZSC Lions gained a lot of confidence through adversity, especially in the series against Biel when they lost 2-0 playing well. There it was Biel who had a pretty incredible success rate, on the power play too, and everything was working really well. Everyone was playing well, but things were leaning towards the Seelanders. This is what is happening at the moment, but this time for Zurich, which is almost completely successful, while on the other side, those who usually make the difference like Kovar or Hofmann are slow to score goals when they must.

Thinking about the duel between the Kovar brothers?
Does the element “brother of” play in the head of the Zug striker? I’m wondering. Scoring against your brother in training is fun. But in a decisive match? Big brother might handle it better than little brother. Well, we only played two games and the most important and difficult to win, as everyone knows, is… the last one. The meeting tonight will still be quite decisive. 2-1 or 3-0, that changes everything. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see a much more aggressive Zug team on the net.

Finally, today’s Zurich is also the opposite of Friborg where luck has suddenly turned its back on Gottéron…
Exact. The stars are really all aligned, the puck really spins for them, but you have to leave one essential thing to them: they’re the ones who spin it because they have incredible confidence. And then there’s Malgin…

Is he the boss?
It’s the boss who doesn’t talk much. He is an action leader. On the ice, it is not Andrighetto, the other leader, who needs to express himself. Malgin, it is in the game that he brings his leadership.

And finally Grönborg has the right attitude…
Aaah yes, I really appreciate what I see on both benches. The two coaches decided that this final would be played on the ice and not create a second final between them. It’s very clean. It does not surprise me from Tangnes who has not shown aggression against other coaches in recent years. On the other hand, we know that Grönborg is hot and boiling and that we should not look for it too long. But between Scandinavian countries, we respect each other enormously. The plate is full for the two coaches, they have so much work that the priority is to take care of their own team before taking care of the others.

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