NHL General Managers Meeting |  Lack of playoff salary cap addressed

NHL General Managers Meeting | Lack of playoff salary cap addressed

(Manalapan) Nikita Kucherov enjoyed playing the villain role last summer.

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After the Tampa Bay Lightning were crowned Stanley Cup champions for a second straight season, the star winger sported a jersey that read “18 million over salary cap” in response to criticism the he team took advantage of a breach in the NHL’s rule book.

The Lightning submitted to the payroll during the season, but this limit – 81.5 million at this time – no longer applies during the playoffs given the larger squads.

Kucherov, who was placed on the long-term injured list for the entire 56-game season, had 32 points in 23 playoff games.

“We had a good season,” the then-Carolina Hurricanes defenseman said after his team was eliminated by the Lightning in the second round. “We lost against a team that is over the salary cap by 18 million. »

The general managers of the National Hockey League (NHL) discussed the absence of the salary cap in the playoffs during their most recent meeting this week, but the discussions did not go further.

At least for the moment.

Calgary Flames general manager Brad Treliving, however, said no one is accusing the Lightning of taking advantage of the system. The GMs only had a “healthy discussion” about it, he said.

Treliving added that Kucherov’s file – who by being on the long-term injured list, his 9.5 million impact was taken off the payroll during the season allowing the Lightning to add more talent for the season and by the gang, for the playoffs – is why this issue is in vogue at the first GMs meeting since March 2020.

“If he has a need or a need to change the rules, we will discuss it. »

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said the system has done the job well since the salary cap was introduced in 2005.

“No one present was sitting there thinking, ‘This is a big abuse, we need to fix this,'” Bettman said.

This season the Golden Knights have attracted attention for their economic gymnastics in connection with the long-term injured list.

Other issues

Other issues discussed include the notion of limited non-trade clauses.

A problematic situation arose at the last trade deadline when the Vegas Golden Knights attempted to trade Evgenii Dadonov to the Anaheim Ducks.

The trade was canceled 48 hours later, as the Ducks were on the list of teams Dadonov refused to be traded to.

According to Daly, discussions are underway to prevent a similar situation from happening again.

The NHL has also confirmed that the salary cap will increase by $1 million next year, to $82.5 million.

The general managers also received some information for the return of the World Cup of Hockey in 2024. Discussions on this subject were however still at the preliminary stage.

The NHL does not plan to bring back Team North America, made up of players 23 and under, and Team Europe based on current discussions.

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