NHL: Jordan Harris making the most of the moment

NHL: Jordan Harris making the most of the moment

Defeated 7-4 against the Florida Panthers on Tuesday, the Canadiens’ players trained in Raleigh, Carolina, where the next duel against the Hurricanes is scheduled for Thursday. A new face caught the attention. Young Jordan Harris took part in his first training session with his new teammates.

Last Saturday, Harris finally signed his first professional contract with the Canadiens. Now he is in the group. “Everything happened very quickly. It’s a bit dazzling. I try to meet everyone and enjoy the moment. Everyone is very nice to me. I’m glad to be here. »

The name of Jordan Harris has animated discussions over the past year. There were plenty of rumors about him whether he would get along with the team that drafted him in 2018 or take advantage of his free agency.

Things fell into place. Harris is very familiar with Kent Hughes, who coached him with the Boston Junior Eagles, in addition to playing with his son. Despite the rumors about him, the main interested party points out that the plan has never changed.

“It definitely had an impact. I am very impressed with Kent, Martin and the whole organization. I immediately liked their plan for the organization and the way they see the game. I’ve heard nothing but great things about Martin St-Louis and he has impressed me over the past two days. »

The 21-year-old has been going through a lot of emotions and exciting things for the past few days.

First contract, first pre-match training, first official practice. He must tame his new environment and adapt to the life of a professional hockey player. His contagious smile confirms to us that he is very happy to reach this new stage.

“It’s different, but I’m excited. All young people dream of playing in the National League. I try to work hard and learn as much as possible. »

Harris got some nice attention from Joel Edmundson when he arrived in Florida on Monday. The veteran showed great class by inviting him to a sushi dinner, in the company of Christian Dvorak, to get to know the young man. Harris greatly appreciated.

“That was really good of him. Christian Dvorak was also present. It was nice to have the chance to meet them. Everyone has been so outgoing and kind to me. You see right away that the organization is doing everything to be successful. It means a lot to me. »

For a few days, Martin St-Louis has been repeating that he wishes to integrate Harris quietly into the group and respect the stages. So don’t expect to see him play too quickly. Harris recognizes that the leap is significant between the college ranks and the NHL. He wants to take the time to acclimatize well and absorb all the new information.

A 1st training session with the CH for Harris

Patience with Jordan Harris

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