NHL: Martin St-Louis is also trying to revive veterans like Josh Anderson

NHL: Martin St-Louis is also trying to revive veterans like Josh Anderson

MONTREAL – When we think of the positive influence of Martin St-Louis, we first think of his polishing work on young diamonds like Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki. But we see that his work could add sparkle to the arsenal of several veterans like Josh Anderson.

During that loss to the Winnipeg Jets, Anderson returned to the top line. It became a perfect example of what St-Louis evokes on occasion: it is possible that the players take a step back, but the important thing remains the step forward afterwards.

In the case of Anderson, a bit like Brendan Gallagher, he must learn to better balance his efforts and sometimes slow down his actions to get better opportunities to help his team. Contrary to what they have learned, and done, all their lives, going full throttle is not always the ideal approach.

” It’s encouraging. To be honest, I was never taught that and never thought about it. As soon as he arrived, he reviewed certain elements with me, I don’t always have to rush so quickly and think more about the game that is developing around me. We talked a lot about it while watching videos, it’s very useful,” Anderson said openly.

Anderson began his NHL career in 2014-15 and is approaching the 400 game mark. It remains that he now realizes that he can evolve and that the approach of St-Louis could propel him to another level. Anderson is thrilled to see that St. Louis sees this possibility in him.

” That’s wonderful. I remember that, from his first week, he showed me some tricks to help me produce more. For more than five years I was just a physical and fast guy, but I can help my team win with other aspects,” replied the tall right-hander.

“Martin played a long time in the NHL and he wants to teach us new things in order to be more consistent and have more chances to score while burning less energy,” he added.

But St-Louis called him back, he especially does not want to slow down the speed of his imposing winger.

“I don’t want Josh to stop skating, but he can slow down sometimes. It’s acknowledging those moments by taking in more information from around you and not just from your teammates. If you only have a plan, ‘I’m going fast, I’m going fast’, you’re going to lose chances on the ice. Those who understand that, they touch the puck more often and their production goes up,” explained the coach.

The emphasis towards veterans was also mentioned with Gallagher.

“I speak for Anderson too, but if you go back to minor hockey, we were always told the same thing. We are players smart enough to adapt. There are ways to make the game easier for us without changing our identity. Martin is in the Hall of Fame and he has unique ideas. Especially for me, as a small player like him. He went to difficult places and he managed to make his life easier. We believe that will make us better players at the end of the day,” Gallagher said.

“If you want to play long in the NHL, you have to evolve. Yes, you must continue to play with your strengths, but all the players have flaws in their game. As a coach and organization, we must help them in this direction, ”noted the coach.

The crowd manages to have fun in this revival

St-Louis compared his personalized approach to that of a teacher who must adjust his teaching according to his students. He took the opportunity to underline the openness of his proteges.

“It’s a process, you don’t get there by immediately giving a player a list of things to improve. You build a relationship of trust with him. Then you can tackle it by being fair and patient. A setback can happen, but the players are very receptive and it’s nice to see that. »

Obviously, all this work becomes an investment for the next season.

“If I come back next year, we won’t be starting from scratch. This is a good opportunity to implement the desired culture according to our position in the rankings. With what I teach, I understand that some players will think on the ice and that sometimes creates hesitation. But they will play better when everything becomes clearer in their heads through rehearsals and videos. Will I expect more next year? I don’t know, but we won’t start from the starting point. We should be more advanced, ”said St-Louis with an end of response suggesting his return.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, learning remains one of the only goals this season to forget about. What may surprise many is that the Bell Center crowd welcomes this journey. The warm treatment reserved for Samuel Montembeault made it possible to prove, once again, that the public can enjoy a relaunch, even in Montreal.

“Even when we went through our big dip, it was very positive when we met supporters in the streets or in the restaurant. People have a different perception with what we see on the web, but that doesn’t represent the majority of our supporters. So am I surprised (at the crowd’s reaction)? No, but we appreciate it. It’s not been the easiest year, but the support has been nice and we can’t complain,” Gallagher said.

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