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Nicolas Batum will not participate in EuroBasket 2022: “I struggled physically this year, and a huge season awaits me with the Clippers”

After Nando De Colo’s announcement two weeks ago regarding his decision to skip EuroBasket 2022, it is another big name in French basketball who has chosen to favor rest this summer. Indeed, Nicolas Batum has declared that he will not be in the Blues group next September.

The Slovenians of Klemen Prepelic can breathe, they will not cross paths with Nico Batum in five months during the first round of EuroBasket 2022. In an interview with our colleagues from First Team, Batum has therefore announced its choice to say no to the Euro. The reasons ? They are multiple. Already, Nico no longer necessarily has his 20-year-old legs given that he is 33. And at 33 years old, the hardcore sequence for two years is necessarily felt a little more, the French captain having notably accumulated a big season with the Clippers in 2021 (Conference Finals anyway) – Olympic Games – 2022 season with the Clips. You add to that a need to take advantage of the familia as well as big ambitions with his Los Angeles team for the 2022-23 campaign, and the choice was imposed quite naturally.

“It will be the same for me,” said Nico, referring to the choice of Nando De Colo, also forfeited for the Euro. “I think Nando and I are old grandpas there. There, between the sequences of seasons, the Olympics… This year I struggled physically. And I know there’s a huge season ahead of me with the Clippers next year. […] Because we are going to play to get to the end. This may be my only chance where I have the opportunity to be able to do this. »

The NBA title is one of the big goals that Nico Batum would like to accomplish in his career. And yes, next season may be now or never. Already because it will potentially be Nico’s last campaign in Los Angeles, he who will then be in the last year of his two-year contract signed during the 2021 offseason (he has a player option at $ 3.3 million on next season). And then because the Clippers should then be in full force to play for the title with the return of Kawhi Leonard. The latter has not played a single game this year following his knee injury during the 2021 Playoffs and even if he has not yet been announced forfeited for the upcoming postseason, we do not expect too much for him to come back. On the other hand, the pro season, be careful. Kawhi, Paul George, Norman Powell, Reggie Jackson… everyone will be there trying to reach the top and Nico will want to be in the best possible shape to contribute. A decision that we can understand, especially since there will be other big deadlines later with the Blues, namely the 2023 World Cup and especially the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

“There are the Olympics to incorporate. The French team will change now. Nando and I will perhaps no longer have the same role, so there will be role changes, position changes. »

Without Nando De Colo, without Nicolas Batum, the EDF will be deprived of two pillars of its collective. But it will give great opportunities to those who will be selected in their place by Vincent Collet, which could possibly further strengthen a team with extremely high ambitions. It remains to be seen now if other brand packages will be added to this list.

Text source: First Team

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