Nuggets – Warriors notes: Stephen Curry insolent, Otto Porter failing

Nuggets – Warriors notes: Stephen Curry insolent, Otto Porter failing

An NBA season is made up of matches, guys who watch them and talk about them, but also guys who watch them and rate them. Probable revenge after a youth spent collecting zeros, and a perfect opportunity in any case to let go of the punchline by the kilo. This season again, Team Notes will delight you with its unfailing imagination, trying all the same to talk a little bit about basketball, even in the Playoffs.

Denver Nuggets

Bones Hyland (7.5): 15 points, 4 rebounds, 7 assists and 1 interception at 50% shooting including 3/6 from the parking lot. An XXL match for a clearly underrated rookie. He will wake up tomorrow and won’t know if he dreamed this Game 5, or if it really happened. Shutter Hyland.

Monte Morris (8): an extremely important floater 33 seconds from the end, to close an excellent match shared between management and scoring. He knew how to please his friends while thinking of him, Monte Morris is an improved version of all of us. Except by Thomas Pesquet. He is perfect Thomas Pesquet.

Nikola Jokic (9): when Eva offered Nikola Jokic to join the Bold Politicshe refused to create Big but Fantastic. The return to the casbah has done the Joker a lot of good, who for two games has been explaining to Draymond Green why he is not fat but “prominent”. Instead of making videos on Konbini to tell us that a lift does not respect its dimensions of a riding mower, the Serb puts respect on its name otherwise, by forcing a Game 5.

Aaron Gordon (6.5): it was complete, in the service of the collective: 21 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 blocks and 1 interception. That said, this guy has re-signed for 92 million over four years and manages to be congratulated when he plays a good match in six. A genius at psychic manipulation. And then, we’re still talking about a guy who made a rap clip because he “only” got 9/10 at the Dunk Contest 2020 by having tomar on Tacko Fall. Have your grandparents read this sentence and ask them what they understood. Our times are great. Disturbing, but wonderful.

Jeff and JaMychal Green (5 and 6): the first, Jeff, stayed on the Tuche for a long time. The second, JaMychal, gave good minutes before revolting for three faults. The kind of guy totally against the grain of a tense match, who disputes every whistle but no one – not even his family in the stands – follows. “Yes, Jean-Mi, shut up, she’s there!” “.

Will Barton (6): he has the worst plus/minus of the Nuggets with “-12”but avoided the “-15” eight seconds from time. How ? By putting his second shot of the evening, by far the most important of his season. And suddenly ? We’re moving to San Francisco for a Game 5. Will Carton.

Austin Rivers (7): 5 interceptions including a decisive one 33 seconds from the end, and a plus/minus of “+12” which confirms the benefits of his defensive efforts. Austin Rivers is the exact opposite of the son of a coach who whines because he is not in the starting five, when he sent a lay-up against the clock of 24 in the last game.

Bryn Forbes (4.5): no toy would like to be abandoned, except Bryn Forbes, Stephen Curry’s toy. He spends the same series as us, admiring the Chef’s exploits while being aware that we will never see his equal again.

DeMarcus Cousins ​​(6): 10 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 technical foul at 3/3 shooting, all in just 10 minutes of play. Great DeMarcus.

Golden State Warriors

Otto Porter Jr. (3): he is the author, or rather the culprit, of this last lob attempt intercepted by Austin Rivers. His match in more detail? 1 point, 3 rebounds, 2 drop balls and an over/under of “-16”. Far from his regular season standards, the winger falls from above. Otto on the ground.

Andrew Wiggins (7): a starvation defense and 20 points at 9/16 shooting, Andrew Wiggins released his best performance in this series. Better still, the All-Star will have Wednesday night the possibility of becoming the leading scorer in the history of the Playoffs. He needs 7569 points to get there.

Stephen Curry (7): a touch more clumsy than usual, the Chief still finished the game with 33 points, 8 assists and 4 interceptions at 44% shooting. His last big shot tah Frank Ntilikina at Worlds 2019 could have been the difference, but Will Barton is the player Stephen Curry thinks he is.

Clay Thompson (8.5): 32 points at 7/11 from the parking lot, and the first true “Klay Game” of these 2022 Playoffs. His ratio of dribble posed / 3-points scored – the antithesis of Venice Beach basketball – reminds us how much his movements without the ball put him in excellent dispositions. And this Sunday, as a bonus, we had the right to a few more lumbering circle attacks than usual. Klay Chains.

Jordan Poole (5.5): he came with his jersey but Monte Morris – the owner of the barracks – had the Poole Party cancelled.

Andre Iguodala (4): 5 fouls, 2 lost balls and a plus/minus of “-10”, Andre Iguodala is Udonis Haslemudonizing himself. It will soon be unusable, telling lies to youngsters to continue to receive a salary: “You know, in my day we walked 83 kilometers to go to school. And that’s only when the alligators left us alone.

Draymond Green (8): 13 points, 11 rebounds, 6 assists, 2 steals and 1 leather sent in the face of Klay Thompson. Its plus/minus of “+18” reveals how his teammates let him down on his defensive mission. Of the thirteen minutes and 56 seconds in which Draymond Green did not play, Nikola Jokic RE-GA-LÉ.

Kevon Looney (5): good old-fashioned service that smells of tar and the underarms of a municipal employee at 7:30 p.m.

Jonathan Kuminga (6.5): he became the youngest player to score 9 points in a first half of a playoff game. You do what you want with it, we don’t have much.

Nemanja Bjelica and Gary Payton II (unrated): a very small passage of these two role players, which explains the California setback rather well. The usually hot second knives underperformed this time around, leaving the Big Three to fend for their hosts.

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