Salement trash-talké en plein match, Steph Curry répond avec un dernier quart de folie !

“Our team is a Ford Pinto, the Warriors are a Maserati”

In only three games played in these playoffs, the Warriors have agreed everyone. They have regained their status as favorites so much that a famous name in the league has allowed himself a sacred comparison about them! Even more when you know the history of the “Ford Pinto”.

In the space of three games, the Warriors have once again become the big favorites for the title in the eyes of many observers. After a slump in the second half of the regular season, with the long injury of Draymond Green then that of Stephen CurrySteve Kerr’s men were able to move up a gear at the right time.

And on the series against the Nuggets, which they now lead 3-0, Jordan Poole shows that he has the makings of a future great, Klay Thompson is particularly effective with more than 45% success behind the arc, when the Chef enjoys his new role as 6th man. Eventually, this could also pose some problems, since it will be necessary reintegrate him into the 5 for the benefit of a player who does not deserve

Nuggets too slow to keep up with Warriors

Add to that the enormous form of Draymond Green, who is doing more than solid work on Nikola Jokic, and you have a team without apparent flaws. And that, Michael Malone, the coach of the Nuggets, is well aware of it. Moreover, in a press conference, he made a rather surprising comparison between his team and that of Steve Kerr. Big lucidity or big tackle to his players?

We just have to play better if we want to have a chance. We have to be really careful with our game. Sometimes we try to play fast, like they can, we go at their pace. But we can’t follow, our team is a Ford Pinto (catastrophic 1970s model sadly nicknamed “coffin car” or even “human barbecue”, editor’s note), the Warriors are a Maserati. We have to slow down the game, organize ourselves, and take the best shots.

For Michael Malone, his team does not have the qualities to follow the rhythm imposed by the Warriors, and the best way to avoid the sweep would be to slow down the game. It must be said that Nikola Jokic is not necessarily the fastest , and that a high pace is not ideal for him to dominate a meeting. Sprinting against a Maserati isn’t very smart when you have an old car (and quite dangerous at that).

Indeed, this model was sadly famous for exploding very easily at the slightest shock, which was often fatal for drivers and passengers (about 180 deaths per year according to some estimates). In the event of a sweep against the Warriors, will Malone manage to keep his place, or will he go up in smoke at the same time as the title hopes? Let’s hope in any case for the Nuggets that they will not know the same fate as the famous Ford Pinto.

Michael Malone is quite lucid about the strengths of his team and he knows well that it is useless to follow the Warriors in their frenetic pace. But in the end, whatever the approach, the absences of Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. are too handicapping to hope for anything.

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