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Pelicans and Spurs to face off in play-in tournament

It is now a certainty, we will find the Spurs and the Pelicans in the first match of the play-in tournament for a chance to access the Playoffs. There is thus less than a week left for the two teams to prepare for the match of a season, and to try to get the precious advantage of the field. We’re teasing this poster, let’s go!

” Hi buddy ! “. It is certainly on these words of Michel Drucker that the Pelicans and the Spurs said goodbye to the Lakers, now on vacation after their defeat against the Suns at the end of the night. We will thus have the right to a beautiful play-in poster between two teams based on the collective, even seems that the Collectif Métissé will sing at half-time of the match, testifies the symbol. Well, we’re kidding, but if there was a parallel universe in which this was to happen, it would still be impossible to know in which room the show would take place, because the two teams are neck and neck in terms of balance sheet. 35-44 for the Pelicans, 34-45 for the Spurs, and still three regular games to play on each side to get the right to play this final before the hour at home. We quickly recall that San Antonio has the tie breaker on the Pelicans. Kezako? Well, Gregg Popovich’s men are sure to play the said match at home in the event of a tie with NOLA within a few days.

And in basketball, what will it give my dear Jamy? As said above, the two opponents of the Play-in both have a strength based on the collective. However, it will be necessary to count on profiles like that of CJ McCollum for New Orleans. A boy who has the experience of cleaver matches, capable of catching fire on a meeting (hello the Nuggets) and disgusting the opposing defense? The Pels won’t spit on it. Behind, Brandon Ingram and Jonas Valanciunas provide strong versatility and are quite capable of taking the game for them if the need arises. Add to that a very likeable Herb Jones, solid rotations and you end up with a very bad team to play. Opposite, the Spurs also have a solid team, and here is the proof: eight (!) players are running at more than ten units on average this season, a real advantage because the threat will therefore come from everywhere. It’s pure Popovich, and precisely Popovich, it’s the main weapon of this team. We are talking about 22 consecutive seasons in the Playoffs, five titles spread over three decades… The least we can say is that the gentleman is an expert in the art of managing matches with maximum tension. The Pels will never be safe from an exotic system pulled out of the hall’s cleaning closet. In any case, it will be a match that already promises to be unmissable, so as soon as we have the date, we basically put it on the fridge and we prepare a coffee maker.

Oh the beautiful meeting that the NBA will offer us within a week! Whether it’s under the Texas sun or in the Louisiana swamps, this duel promises to be fierce and epic, so as you have understood, it’s must see. See you in a few days, until then, stay tuned for the latest info!

Text source: ESPN

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