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Pick de la Muerte: a community genius dared to take Austin Reaves

The Pick de la Muerte is the new challenge that has spiced up this season of TrashTalk Fantasy League. The concept is simple, once a month and on a completely random day, the TTFL switched to mode… PICK OF THE MUERTE. In other words ? All the players who make the best pick of the evening will automatically participate in a draw to win a huge gift graciously offered by ParionsSport! The sixth edition and last edition of the season took place yesterday and she was a bit special since only one player made best pick that night. We immediately discover the identity of this genius who will leave with €50 in freebets on ParionsSport. Let’s go !


It was written, it could only end like this. The scenario was totally improbable, impossible even! With 15 games on the schedule and 30 franchises in contention, Austin Reaves’ best-pick odds in a Lakers win had to be higher than LeBron James’ career points tally. And yet, neither Kyrie Irving (57 TTFL points), nor Jayson Tatum (54), nor April’s MVP aka Jaylen Hoard (22) have been able to do better than the rookie back from Los Angeles. In the absence of the King, he signed a triple-double of space (31 points, 16 rebounds and 10 assists) beating all his career records. The kind of sentence that we never imagined being able to pronounce today and which therefore leads us to the following question: who are you, flo13600, and how dare you trust Austin Reaves with so many options available to fill your deck? Still, all this is true, so we applaud the genius of the day.


Last step of this new Pick de la Muerte challenge, the draw! The rules are formal, among all the best picks of the night, they will be 10 to win the prize that was put into play by our partner ParionsSport on the occasion of this sixth edition, in this case €50 in free bets. Well, that was before realizing that there’s actually only one diviner who was strong enough to predict Austin Reaves’ incarnation of James Harden 2018 last night. So here is the one and only winner of this April edition who will be able to approach the Playoffs with a nice gift. Kudos to him!


If your name is flo13600, you will soon receive an email to send us your information so that you can receive your freebet on your ParionsSport account.


Thank you all for making this sixth and last edition of the season a great success! Now it’s time to turn to the Playoffs and something tells us that the battle is going to be tough in the TTFL again.

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