Pixel Advertising – What’s the Point?

Summer of 2005 changed into nearing its result in England and a younger guy via way of means of the call of Alex Tew changed into approximately to go into college. He idea that it changed into insane that he’d visit college for four or five years after which pop out owing tens of heaps of greenbacks (or kilos because it have been). So, he had this stupid little concept … placed up a internet site with a million pixels of marketing and marketing area for $1 a pixel, preserve all the advertisements up forever (or as a minimum 5 years), and use that cash to pay for his schooling. If he offered all the pixel marketing and marketing spots over the direction of the following couple of years – then he might boost 1,000,000 greenbacks.

So, he registered milliondollarhomepage.com, were given a pal or to shop for a pair hundred greenback spots, and alerted the clicking. Somehow – the concept took off like wildfire. Media outlet after media outlet commenced choosing up the tale — subsequent issue you understand, he is were given heaps of site visitors to his webweb page each day … and some web sites idea “what the heck” and commenced shopping for marketing and marketing area … then extra site visitors, extra income … and the issue simply exploded. He raked in over $four hundred,000 in his first 7 weeks of beginning the webweb page. Let me say that once more — 4 hundred thousand greenbacks in digital budget being transferred thru paypal, 2checkout, and cord transfers.

Quickly different spin-off webweb sites commenced doping up which include QuarterMillionDollarHomePage.com, QuarterMillionDollarWebPage.com, MillionPennyHomePage.com, and actually masses extra pixel marketing and marketing webweb sites promoting area for everywhere from a greenback a pixel right all the way down to a penny a pixel or even a pair free of charge. Sites which include RentAPatch.com have even commenced promoting turnkey million pixel marketing and marketing net webweb sites — simply purchase his code for $ninety and you are off and strolling together along with your very own webweb page. There are listing webweb sites available – one of the maximum famous of those is ThePixelWars.com which has maximum of the four hundred+ webweb sites indexed and permits site visitors to rank and touch upon every webweb page. And of direction, there is PixelList.com which definitely takes the time to study a few of the higher pixel marketing and marketing webweb sites, weblog approximately the brand new “enterprise” and proper first-class little articles just like the one you are analyzing proper now.

Okay okay — so, what is the factor???

As a founding father of PixelList, my co-founder Merlin Holmes and I had been considering this pretty a piece lately … What’s the factor of most of these pixel marketing and marketing webweb sites? I suggest – they may be now no longer quite … even though, there’s a piece of exhilaration round them. They’re now no longer focused … however there is heaps of visitors coming to them. And they may be now no longer very steeply-priced to promote it on – so, the ROI for an advertiser may be pretty right. But in the event that they do not definitely “DO ANYTHING” – then what is the factor? Well, right here’s what we suppose they is probably “doing”:

Pixel Advertising Sites introduce human beings to web sites that they in no way might have heard of earlier than.

For instance, I’ve run throughout a domain that sells an mp3 player / headset on mp3player.internet that’s an all-in-one tool (they name it ‘cordless’ – however absolutely you simply slip your reminiscence into the headset and viola) … then there is oldboatpics.com with the photos of vintage boats — I suggest, what the heck is the factor of that, proper? Well, it had me lookin’ at photos for a complete 5 or six minutes. Then there has been Pzizz.com — a internet site that says to be the “closing powernap answer”. We even determined a domain that sells absinthe – the age-vintage alcohol that a number of the Masters which include Van Gogh, Oscar Wilde, and Toulouse-Lautrec had been regarded to embibe.

Seemingly a gaggle of random stuff, proper?

Well, we could consider this for a 2nd … the pixel marketing and marketing webweb sites are attracting “early adopters”, proper? (People which can be into being the primary child at the block to recognise approximately some thing.) So, it stands to motive that a number of those equal early adopters (dare I say that they’re the goal marketplace right here?) … a number of the early adopters would possibly stumble throughout the “subsequent large issue” — oh oh – that strikes a chord in my memory — there has been a domain — I dont’ recall the call — I recall clicking on “Even Monkeys Fall from Trees” – it changed into a DVD set being offered referred to as “BookofCool.com” or some thing like that – and it taught you all kinds of cool such things as the way to do basketball tricks, skateboard tricks, billiards, and so forth and so forth and so forth … indicates you all of the cool tricks, teaches you the way to do them .. select what you need to study or simply watch the tricks — some thing you need. .. oh yes, there’s it — proper below the Absinthe micro-advert.

Anyway – whew — I digressed. The factor right here is — one section of what is operating with the pixel marketing and marketing webweb sites is that it is by accident focused to early adopters throughout a large number of subcultures – and consequently the requirement as an early adopter is to discover cool new stuff. The webweb sites with cool new stuff will discover an target target market inside their respective subcultures … early adopters and sneezers (as Seth Godin of sethgodin.com likes to name them) will skip the phrase to others approximately pzizz or ee-e book of cool directly to the following wave of human beings and possibly the little concept virus will unfold.

And that, my expensive readers is the factor. Hmmm … perhaps PixelList.com ought to begin a overview webweb page for the webweb sites we find out via the pixel marketing and marketing webweb sites in place of simply the pixel marketing and marketing webweb sites themselves …

— Harris Fellman has been concerned in Internet Marketing for the reason that very beginnings of the net (and possibly a bit earlier than that). Harris is the co-founding father of PixelList.com, BuzzIM.com, and conducts a weekly net advertising name for entrepreneurs.

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