Le mythique coach NBA des San Antonio Spurs, Gregg Popovich, n'apprécierait pas les Los Angeles Lakers de LeBron James, et aurait été prêt à leur compliquer la tâche cette saison

Popovich ready to make a big mess at the Lakers: “He doesn’t like them”

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By stealing 10th place in the Western Conference from them at the very end of the season, Gregg Popovich’s Spurs played a very bad trick on the Lakers. The legendary coach, however, could have scuttled their season much earlier according to the latest rumors!

It might seem crazy given the state and ambitions of the two franchises a few months ago, and yet, Spurs and Lakers will have seen their season intertwined until the end. While the Angelinos openly aimed for the title, the Texans had to continue their reconstruction in relative discretion. In the end, it is the latter who will play in the play-in tournament, at the expense of Frank Vogel’s troops.

Thanks to its victory acquired this Tuesday in Denver (116-97), San Antonio has indeed secured its place in the Top 10 of the Western Conference, eliminating at the same time its Californian rivals. This, after nearly sending them last summer… franchise star DeMar DeRozan, who wanted to join Los Angeles. In view of the recent scenario, this aborted blockbuster trade is logically resurfacing, with new big revelations to come!

Gregg Popovich, inevitable executioner of the Lakers?

Faced with the disappointing results of the Lakers, and the failure of the Russell Westbrook experiment, LeBron James was recently set on fire by a legend, accused of having derailed the arrival of DeRozan. A few days later, Brian Windhorst also returned to this episode in his Hoop Collective Podcastindicating that an agreement was anything but found between the two teams… and that Gregg Popovich could have played a dirty trick on Purple & Gold!

From what I’ve been told, I think San Antonio was interested in making a deal. But what they wanted was not what the Lakers would have wanted. That’s why the talks never came to fruition. Besides, as you know, Pop doesn’t like the Lakers. I don’t think he would have made it easy for them on this file.

Not really a fan of the rhinestone and glitter universe that accompanies the Lakers, Coach Pop could therefore have vetoed the departure of DMDR in LA What, perhaps, will alleviate the anger of Angelino fans concerning this unfinished track, but also increase that against the mythical trainer. Anyway, it could also be that the player’s interest in joining the Purple and Gold has diminished upon contact with them.

Indeed, according to Ohm Youngmisuk, DeMar would have been subjugated by the wobbly aspect of the Lakers project!

I spoke to someone from DeRozan’s clan when the player was in LA, and he basically took the Lakers down. The impression I got from surveying his clan was that DeRozan felt the Lakers were confused. They didn’t really have a vision. They didn’t really know what they were doing.

Definitely, this DeMar DeRozan soap opera is likely to haunt the Lakers and their fans for a long time to come. Just like the specter of Gregg Popovich, who will have really made them miserable this season!

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