Price and the new CH

Price and the new CH

I have the impression that Carey Price is looking forward to joining the new Montreal Canadiens, a team transformed since the arrival of Martin St-Louis behind the bench.

Price’s return to play seems imminent and I’m sure he sees CH differently than during his press briefing at the end of January. To see the brilliance of young people like Nick Suzuki, Cole Caufield, Alexander Romanov and others, it may make him want to stay in Montreal for a few years. Evolving with these young people could convince him.

This is a question that will be answered after the season, because Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton will certainly want to know the intentions of number 31. If he wants to leave, they will try to accommodate him. If he wants to stay, he’ll be a great duo with Jake Allen, as long as both stay healthy.

It’s hard to know what Price really wants. We know that he exposed himself to the expansion draft and that he could have ended up with the Seattle Kraken. It was a real possibility. Would another place interest him? Perhaps.

But if Price ever had a great time by the end of the season with the right group of young people in place and the special touch that St. Louis brings, it could be good news for the Canadian. Because, let’s be honest, we don’t see a number one goalkeeper in the organization who is ready to take over.

I can imagine Price playing 50 games next season and Allen 32, or something like 46-36. At their age and condition, I don’t see either of them playing more than 55 games. Allen will be 32 on August 7 and Price will be 35 nine days later.

Would Samuel Montembeault agree to return to the Laval Rocket as the organization’s third goaltender or will he find a second job elsewhere? I like what I’ve seen of him for some time, but his future is tied to the Price and Allen cases. The latter’s season is over and Montembeault has everything to gain by finishing the campaign strong. Maybe even a position in Montreal.

What to expect from Carey?

Like me, fans are eager to see Price back in net for the Canadiens, but honestly, whether he’s good, ordinary or bad when he returns, I don’t care. It won’t be easy after such a long absence and the only thing I hope is that his knee holds up.

If he played a few games by the end of the season without any health problems, that would reassure everyone. We all know what he can accomplish if he’s in good condition.

It would already be a big deal settled and we could move on to the next stage, either Price returning next season or leaving if that’s what he wants, but GM Hughes needs to know where he is. go and the sooner the better.

If he is to leave, as soon as possible, while he has a good value, even if it will probably be necessary to absorb part of his contract.

To do one’s homework

Previously, it was said that everything went through Price. Today, this may no longer be the case. Everything will go through the goalkeeper, that’s for sure, but I’m not sure it will be Price anymore.

There’s so much parity in the NHL that goalie performance is paramount. I would be very comfortable with a Price-Allen duo next season, as long as it holds.

However, it should not be that, medically, it hangs by a thread. You never know what can happen during a campaign, but starting the calendar with doubts about the state of health of the goalkeepers is not an option. Hughes to do his homework.

-Comments collected by Gilles Moffet


Remarkable Matthews!

I confess that I am flabbergasted by the performance of Auston Matthews with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Were it not for the pandemic-shortened seasons, he would be on his third 50-goal campaign, and in today’s hockey, that’s unbelievable. Here he is at 58 goals (before yesterday’s game) and it’s not over. In the 2000s, only Alex Ovechkin (65) and Steven Stamkos reached the 60-goal mark. The Leafs are gaining ground and I can’t wait to see how they perform in the playoffs. If only Jack Campbell can hold his own in net.

Goals and Goals

Offense is all the rage these days in the East, and with some goaltenders struggling, we may see high-scoring streaks like in the 1980s. Rarely have I looked forward to the playoffs like I do. presently. The games of the Leafs, Panthers, Lightning, Capitals and even the Penguins are likely to be as spectacular as possible.

Jet leadership

The Winnipeg Jets are desperately trying to qualify for the spring dance, but it won’t be easy. After participating in the semi-final in 2018, we believed them to be on the rise. But it looks more like they lose a little tick each season. Who would have predicted that they would have been swept away by the Canadian in the last playoffs? I believe this formation lacks leadership in the chamber.

The Golden Knights

I still think the Vegas Golden Knights are going to make the playoffs, but they’re not having a season that lived up to expectations. Injuries didn’t help and goalkeeper Robin Lehner wasn’t spared either. If they ever miss the playoffs after trading the most popular player in their history in Marc-André Fleury, it’s going to grumble in Vegas. Also, I love following the Minnesota Wild. This is a team that can surprise during the end-of-season tournament.

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