Real Madrid - Chelsea (2-3): At the Bernabéu, another eternal night that "gives goosebumps"

Real Madrid – Chelsea (2-3): At the Bernabéu, another eternal night that “gives goosebumps”

It is to believe that the Gods of football have chosen their base camp. Here at the Bernabéu, nothing can happen to Real Madrid. Here you are in the temple of the irrational, in the sanctuary of miracles, here anything can happen if it is favorable to the Merengue. This Tuesday, against Chelsea (2-3), a new “noche mágica” awaited Madrid fans, who were frankly anxious for 80 minutes. But as long as Real is not dead…

Don’t mess with the ROI“, could we read on the immense Madrid tifo before the kick-off of this quarter-final. A way of saying that at the Bernabéu, you have to bow. Chelsea did the opposite, martyring the giant Madrid and its public with. From the first period to the start of the last quarter of an hour, it was an amorphous Real, outdated, without ideas and without a leader who seemed doomed to hell. And then…

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We are used to suffering

And then Modric gave hope to a whole people thanks to a magic wand of which he has the secret. The Gods of football had chosen their camp, that of Real, once again. This time, the hero is not Greek but rather French in the person of Karim Benzema, who has come to definitively crucify Chelsea and turn this already lively evening into legend. In the stands, the anguished silence gave way to a sweet euphoria and at the final whistle, it was the club anthem that was taken up, a capella, by the local public.

Honestly, it’s crazy“, admitted an Edouardo Camavinga captivated by such an atmosphere.It’s amazing to live one more night like this at the Bernabéurecognized Nacho at the microphone of Movistar. With another crazy reaction from the team to qualify us for the semi-finals. It’s like facing PSG, it gives you goosebumps every time you experience this kind of night at the Bernabéu“.

But how do they do it every time? To this question, Luka Modric explained everything: unwavering faith in their qualities, blind confidence in the victorious destiny of this Real. “We suffered, but we didn’t let go until the endestimated the Croatian. Even down 3-0, we didn’t have a bad game, but Chelsea did everything they could and we kept fighting, we knew we could turn things around. The coach made some good changes which turned the game around. We are used to suffering, it has often happened to us: Bayern, Juve, Ajax, Schalke… and this night is another one“.

10 halves in … twelve years

A feeling confirmed by Nacho, at the club since he was 11 years old. “This is Real Madridhe said. We have been taught since childhood that we must never surrender, ever. Going to the final is in the DNA of this club. We proved it once again at home, with our supporters. Goal achieved. Real are ready to fight against anyone, you always have to believe in this team, because even if we didn’t pass, we give everything every time on the pitch“.

The result is unfailing consistency at the highest level. For the 10th time in 12 years, Real will therefore see the last four of the C1. Even being on alternating current, even depending almost exclusively on aging but still magical warriors. But if Madrid is still alive, it’s also a bit thanks to magic. That of Bernabéu which Carlo Ancelotti never tires of.

How to explain this magic of the Bernabeu? It’s very difficult to put words to ithe explained to Sky Italia. Something happens when you enter this stage. The public, the players… Who could have imagined that we would go 0-3? Me, I believed in it. Because Real Madrid never dies“.

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