“Renaud Lavoie is not a journalist”

“Renaud Lavoie is not a journalist”

Last week, the journalist Denis Lessard of The Press published a scoop about negotiations between the Quebec government, Quebecor and the NHL which would aim to see the Ottawa Senators play 5 regular season games at the Videotron Center next season.

Of course, this news quickly made the rounds of North America.

Following this publication, Renaud Lavoie of VAT Sports was not shy about criticizing the reporter’s work on the air as he commented on the rumour, saying the newspaper shouldn’t have released this information while indicating that he was already aware of the story itself if he hadn’t mentioned it.

Yesterday, in his column, the journalist Patrick Lagace, who very rarely talks about hockey, has decided to dedicate his paper to Lavoie, whom he does not consider a journalist. He also fired red balls on the quality of his work.

“Only Renaud Lavoie of TVA Sports vomited unceremoniously on the scoop of The Press. In an incoherent and bizarre bacon crisis, Renaud criticized the fact that The Press have dared out this news… The one who covers the Canadiens for TVA Sports explained to host Jean-Charles Lajoie that he knew that this project for Sens matches in Quebec was in the air… (But he did not talk about it !). If I understood correctly, Renaud knew that this project existed, but he did not talk about it so as not to harm the communication plan for the stakeholders. You can see his words here1, in the video titled “The Check”. The scoop would be the fault, always if I understood correctly Renaud, of the Desmarais family… Who is no longer the owner of The Press since 2018. The report with the scoop of The Press ? I do not know. As I said above: its flight was not the most consistent. He then decreed that the scoop of The Press was “disgusting” for the Senators, “the worst case scenario” for the CAQ, for whom “it would have been extraordinary to announce that three months before the election”… While lamenting for the NHL and for Quebecor, that he began to boast, in particular praising the emissions of TVA as The voice and Star Academy. Why did Renaud boast The voice and StarAc at TVA Sports? Search me.”

– Patrick Lagace

Continuing his momentum, Lagacé even questioned the ethics and journalistic integrity of Renaud.

“I met Renaud 25 years ago, in Ottawa, at Radio-Canada. He impressed me with his insight, even though he was among the youngest journalists at CBOF. A talent, really. But the other day, looking at you, Renaud, I closed my eyes and said to myself: hey, Renaud speaks as if he were wearing not one, but four public relations hats – that of the NHL, that of the Senators, that of Quebecor AND that of the CAQ… I also saw that you lent your image to BET99, Renaud. Nice photo of you on the ad for this sports betting company. There you are, a sandwich man, too. There’s nothing wrong to be a public relations officer, my guy. Nor to be a sandwich man. I just find that incompatible with journalism. A journalist doesn’t care about comm plans. I went to see your Twitter bio, Renaud, in English only, not a word in the language of Pepsi, in your bio: “Hockey reporter @tvasports”. Reporter, as a journalist? I don’t think so, no.”

– Patrick Lagace

Ouch. If he was already not unanimous among hockey fans in Quebec, this attack will certainly not help Renaud’s credibility.

This is called an elbow drop from the top of the third string!

See the full article below.


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