La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Russell Westbrook, a fait l'objet de grosses révélations concernant son isolement progressif dans le vestiaire de la franchise cette saison

Russell Westbrook, sad revelations about his isolation at the Lakers

Arrived full of enthusiasm and ambition at the Lakers, Russell Westbrook was quickly disillusioned. This disillusion has also been the subject of a long paper by Ramona Shelburne, with big indiscretions on her progressive separation from the group.

His dream of returning to his hometown of Los Angeles was finally fulfilled. No wonder, then, that Russell Westbrook showed a beaming smile when he landed at the Lakers. However, he quickly abandoned this radiant face, giving way to a disillusioned pout. It must be said that his first season there, which could also remain like the last, did not go at all as planned.

Westbrook completely sidelined at the Lakers

On the floor, the Brodie never showed the performance that was expected of him. A failure that led him to alienate the media, with whom he has regularly tangled in recent months, but not only. Indeed, according to Ramona Shelburne’s sources, coaches and partners also ended up letting him go, and faster than it seems!

The plan when he landed was for Westbrook to take on a big part of the playmaking to help lighten James’ load, a reasonable position for a player who has mostly carried the ball all his career. But his decisions on the pitch immediately frustrated the coaching staff and his teammates — Westbrook had 30 losses in his first five games.

No sooner had he made his LA debut than Russ lost the trust of the angelino group. It is finally quite naturally that he isolated himself little by little, thus entering a veritable vicious circle.

The reality of the season is that Russ found himself in a dark corner, and he didn’t know who to trust or who to believe. Then, if something went wrong with him, he withdrew a little more.

Do not, however, believe that this shelving happened naturally, without outside influence. Some members of the workforce would have contributed to this phenomenon… by increasing the paranoia of the star leader!

There are also players in the locker room who were so annoyed with their position, that whenever something went wrong for Russ, they found a way to fuel the beast. They told him that the coaches hated him, that the front office was trying to get rid of him. Anything to fuel his anger, and give him an enemy.

In the end, even if he has a large share of responsibility in this failure, Westbrook can totally deplore the lack of help and complacency of Purple & Gold towards him.

In view of all this damning information, a trade from Russell Westbrook this summer seems all the more essential for the player and the Lakers. Impossible, indeed, to imagine an improvement of the situation during the off-season.

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