La légende NBA des Chicago Bulls, Scottie Pippen, a fortement agacé une autre icône de la ligue via ses récents propos au sujet de Michael Jordan, cette dernière s'estimant prête à le frapper dans l'œsophage

Shaq balance cash: “He hates Scottie Pippen”

Scottie Pippen got the tongue right hanged in recent months, especially in his event book released at the end of 2021. And with all the attacks launched in it, he has alienated a lot of people among the former glories of the league. According to Shaquille O’Neal, a legend would seriously hate him.

Scottie Pippen has angered a lot of people with his latest book, released just before the 2021 holiday season. everyone, including his lifelong buddy Michael Jordan. He notably explained how the n°23 had ruined this beautiful sport that is basketball, a serious attack for players of this level.

But that’s not all, since he also revealed refrained from hitting Doug Collins, his trainer in his first season in the league. The reason ? Collins was obviously far too acerbic in his criticisms and never sought to make constructive remarks. Phil Jackson can breathe, he will never be targeted by Pippen, he who led Chicago to the top 6 times, with remarkable psychology.

Isiah Thomas resents Scottie Pippen for the Dream Team

Among Scottie Pippen’s list of victims in his latest book, we also find Charles Barkley, with whom he played in Houston in the late 90s. He claimed that the lack of ethics from within was the reason the Rockets failed to clinch the title… So which of these men hates No. 33 today? According to Shaquille O’Nealcrossing over The Ringer, none of the three. The one who would resent Pippen the most would be Isiah Thomas:

Isiah Thomas thinks, and I don’t want to repeat what he explained to me, but he thinks there was a huge scam when he was left off the list for the Barcelona Olympics in 92′. Several people did not want him to be part of this team. To put it simply, Isiah Thomas actually hates Scottie Pippen.

According to Shaquille O’Neal’s revelations, Isiah Thomas suspects Scottie Pippen of being the cause of his exclusion from the Dream Team for the Barcelona Olympics… Important information, since for several years now it has been Michael Jordan who is accused of having made this decision. It was also a major theme in The Last Dancethe documentary event on MJ.

And if the former Bulls pair is no longer necessarily very close, they can at least find themselves around their enmity with the leader of the Bad Boys in Detroit. This rivalry has left indelible marks on the main actors, who even 30 years later continue to sulk and start rumors about each other.

Scottie Pippen would have played a role dominating in the exclusion of Isiah Thomas from the Dream Team, and the latter is particularly resentful about it. Because he was playing in Detroit, he was robbed of his ultimate dream and a place in Olympic history.

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