Soccer.  Pierre-Olivier Murat, president of Rodez: "The responsibility lies with the players"

Soccer. Pierre-Olivier Murat, president of Rodez: “The responsibility lies with the players”

Usually protective, the president of Rodez, Pierre-Olivier Murat, charges his group after the “unworthy” defeat at Quevilly (2-0) on Saturday, during the 32nd day of Ligue 2.

We feel annoyed by this poor performance in a direct competitor to the maintenance.

Annoyed is a small word. I have a very cold anger. It’s an unworthy match when you’re playing for maintenance in Ligue 2. We had no soul, there was no revolt. This is the complete opposite of the values ​​of our club and our territory. The responsibility lies solely with the players. When the first sentence of the chat is: “This time, we’re not taking a goal on an 80-meter block” and we look at the second scored by Quevilly… Either they don’t listen to anything, or they don’t don’t have the level, or they’re stupid.

What did you tell them in the locker room?

I know myself, so I kept what I thought to myself. (smile) Guys punish themselves. Those who have desires elsewhere, given their shitty match, they will not find an L2 club. Halfway through the championship, it was good, we were in 8th place, but the value of the players is gauged over an entire season. Tonight (Saturday), not a single one had the level of this division.

The trainer (Laurent Peyrelade) keeps him, your protection?

You know my philosophy. Changing coaches during the season, I have never believed in it in 17 years of presidency and it is not now that I will believe it. Then we are in Aveyron, not in Saint-Étienne. The revolt will only come from the players. They must show something else and above all, what annoys me the most is that we are going against the history of the territory and the Raf. We have a united club, with a soul, which does not give up. There, there was none of that.

Are you worried about the maintenance and have you planned any sanctions against the group?

I’m not for the future and I will do things, don’t worry. (smile) But I’m not going to tell you what.

Are you going to set a short-term accounting goal?

With this team, it’s quite complicated to set a number of points to achieve over several matches. Above all, I expect awareness from my players. I usually protect them, but after a performance like this, I can’t. However, at the truce, we unrolled. Afterwards, if they have done it for 19 matches, they are able to do it again.

Are your managers playing their role?

Joris Chougrani, Rémy Boissier, Pierre Bardy… these are people who know the club very well. They played their part in the first leg. Like the others, they hold the cards. It’s up to them to know what they want to do with their future. For Joris, the season may already be over because he was injured on Friday afternoon, at the last minute of training. It is most certainly a relapse, we will know more after his exams. As Chirac said, shit flies in squadrons.

On what springs should the workforce rely to reverse the trend (15 games in a row without a win, including seven defeats, a sad new record after 14 last season)?

We have to go back to our basics because we get eaten up in all the duels and we are technically poor. The maintenance will be played on the state of mind. I ask the players to return to our values. If they do, it will.

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