Soccer.  Women's D3 is back, Caen coaches satisfied

Soccer. Women’s D3 is back, Caen coaches satisfied

Tatiana Bastard and the Caennaises are aiming for D2, but it could also be that they go through the D3 box… ©Aline Chatel

Finally ! 12 years after its abolition, Division 3 is about to make a comeback in the women’s football landscape. In a year, we will no longer go from Regional 1 to Division 1, by a big gap that is very complicated to overcome, since a new division will be inserted.

The D2 goes into a single hen

The reform adopted by the French Football Federation on Saturday June 18, 2022 will profoundly modify access to the high level. Only the Arkema D1 is not directly affected by this revolutionary development. It retains 12 teams.

From the 2023-2024 season, Division 2 will only have a pool of 12 teams, compared to two currently. To achieve this, there will be 12 descents (six per hen) next season. The relegated will go to Division 3, which is therefore the great novelty of the freshly voted text.

A D3 in two chickens

This D3 will split into two groups of 12 teams, again. Half of the participants will therefore descend from D2. The other half will rise from R1. Next season, each Regional 1 champion will have their ticket to the next level. Then, it will be necessary to go through a play-off round – against two today to go up to D2 – to reach this first national level.

“We are moving towards the professionalization of women’s football”

In the running to go up to D2 from Sunday June 26, 2022, Anaïs Bounouar is delighted with this change. “We are moving towards the professionalization of women’s football. I hope that D1 will quickly become a professional championship and that D2 will imitate it in future years. It can only be beneficial. The levels of competition will be more homogeneous. »

AG Caen will aim for D3

This is also what Valentin Chaufray, coach of AG Caen (R1) thinks. “It makes total sense to introduce a D3,” he says. Currently, there are two classes of difference between each division. The goal of the game is to raise the level of women’s football. “The Avant Garde, passed through the D2 in 2016-207, has set itself “the objective of fighting” for a place in the third division.

Malherbe wants to rise and maintain itself…

For his part, Malherbe knocked on the door of the D2 at a pivotal time. If he goes up, he will have to finish in one of the first six places to save himself. But the walk is huge between the R1 and the D2. “The club is ready to be in D2 and to try to stay there next season, believes Anaïs Bounouar. We have the opportunity to attract very beautiful players. For me, it is absolutely necessary that we go up to D2. If this is not the case, it will be necessary to be in D3 the following season. It will also be qualitative. »

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… but is ready to go through the D3

However, Stade Malherbe does not want to waste time in its quest for high level. “The goal is the D1. If it is necessary to rebuild via the D3, the club will do it. It will allow us to be stronger. »

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