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soon a ruthless Franco-Slovenian duo in Dallas?

What if Rudy Gobert soon made a new start in the NBA? According to a recent rumor, another franchise would wait for the right moment to swoop down on the tricolor pivot. The team in question? The Dallas Mavericks.

Five defeats in six games, the loss of home advantage for the postseason, an increasingly hostile atmosphere in the locker room, you don’t have to have attended Polytechnique to realize that everything is not going like clockwork at Salt Lake City. Many are even betting that the franchise is on the verge of implosion and that an early elimination in the Playoffs could lead to a game of musical chairs. Who would then be on the front line? Impossible not to think of Quin Snyder, admittedly in office for eight seasons but who has never passed the second round in the Playoffs despite good regular records. Tim MacMahon ofESPN we pull another name out of his hat and it’s Rudy Gobert! According to the insider, invited to Zach Lowe’s podcast, Dallas would be more than interested in the idea of ​​​​positioning itself on the tricolor pivot, if the latter were to be available on the market..

Luka Doncic to dynamite the attack, Rudy Gobert to lock in a defense that has already stepped up this season (7th defensive rating against 21 last year), not to mention a pick-and-roll that would send heavy, we know a fanbase that would probably not say no to such a duo in Texas. However, and even if it is nice to project ourselves on the strike force of this tandem, there are still several unknowns in this equation. First, Utah must wallow in broad outline to promote a possible upheaval within the workforce, it is not done for the moment. Then you have to find the offer that will cause Justin Zanik and Danny Ainge to have headaches. Rudy is under contract until 2025, at least, and he will receive 38 million dollars for the next season. To recover it, it will therefore be necessary to send a large counterpart and it is not said that Dallas has the assets to convince its rival. Finally, impossible not to touch a word on a rather important point: the relationship between Luka Doncic and Rudy Gobert. More than once this season, the leader and the pivot have taken the cabbage on the ground, puffing out their chests and throwing trashtalking at all costs. That obviously doesn’t mean they can’t be teammates, MacMahon also explains that Rudy would be hot to play with Luka, but it might take a little one-on-one talk early in the season to put in place. some things flat. To aim for the Larry O’Brien, something tells us that they will be ready to forget a lot of past grudges.

If the Jazz ever think of getting rid of Rudy Gobert, they know they only have to make a phone call to see the Mavs land. Tim MacMahon speaks of a real interest from Dallas to recover the French pivot. So, a Luka-Gobzilla ticket for next season, do we believe it or not?

Text source: Tim MacMahon / The Lowe Post

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