Le lancement d’une nouvelle formule devrait contribuer à rallumer le feu d’une passion parfois éteinte. Ici, des fans du FC Sion mettant de l’ambiance au Wankdorf lors du dernier match contre YB, perdu 3-1 en février.

Swiss football must get out of the grind to rekindle the flame


With the increase in the number of teams to twelve and the introduction of play-offs from the 2023-2024 financial year, the Super League has chosen to turn its back on years of immobility. It remains to transform the test in the ballot box. Verdict expected May 20.

The launch of a new formula should contribute to rekindling the fire of a sometimes extinguished passion. Here, FC Sion fans liven up the atmosphere at Wankdorf in the last match against YB, which lost 3-1 in February.

Claudio De Capitani/freshfocus

If all goes as hoped, Swiss football is about to make its revolution smoothly. From the 2023-2024 season and the enlargement of the Super League, so often hoped for but systematically refused at the ballot box, twelve teams – and no longer ten as has been the case for 20 years – will find themselves on the starting line to compete for the title of champion and the allocation of European places.

One does not go without the other, we will also play differently, according to a modus whose inspiration this time owes a lot to Swiss hockey players insofar as football has decided to reproduce, with the introduction of play-off brought up to date, which makes the success in the National League ice rinks. A success never denied until now…

In a competition sclerotic by the soft hum of habits, it was time to get out of the routine, to create a new dynamic by innovating. The prospect of an annual “finalissima” between the leader and his runner-up over three meetings alone is already salivating.

Prolong the stake

In less than 24 months, at the end of the regular season (32 days in two distinct phases), the Super League public will finally be able to experience the great thrill of the play-offs; the opportunity for Servette to compete with the “garnet” Eagles of Vernets for example.

The objective of the decision-makers, who come from the clubs themselves, let’s not forget, is simple: to make the championship more attractive by reviving the interest of the competition (with suspense at all levels), even if it means use tricks to prolong the stakes.

In this regard, it will be interesting to see if what makes all the salt of the hockey championship will reproduce in the stadiums as it is supposed. All of this is of course subject to the verdict of the ballot box. On May 20, on the occasion of the extraordinary assembly of the League convened that day, it will take at least 14 votes (out of a total of 20) to ratify the project presented.

Promote the product

Often acclaimed but never materialized, this double scheduled change (number of teams in Super League + modus) was long awaited, even requested by the technicians. We have sufficiently criticized the immobility of the League, the amateurism of its leaders sometimes, not to applaud today the will of openness of the new leaders. These weren’t just inspired by hockey; they adapted to the Swiss sauce what already exists in Belgium, Austria or Scotland.

Promoting the product also means better selling its content. With the immutable sequence of four laps as has been the case since 2003, the repetition of the posters could only end up getting tired. Football lovers can therefore only rejoice at the idea of ​​vibrating for appointments offering new perspectives, more immediate in terms of their consequences. This won’t necessarily improve the intrinsic quality of the matches, but it will at least spice up their appeal.

Whet appetites

In doing so, knowing that the next season will be transitional, therefore without direct relegation, Lausanne has undoubtedly found something to complain about, him whose future, barring an unlikely series of exploits, will be written in the Challenge League in a few weeks.

If the weather is never good to tumble, the Vaudois club can always console themselves by thinking that it will never be so easy to be promoted in the spring of 2023 insofar as the first two in the ranking will directly join the Swiss elite. They could even be accompanied by the third if it won the jump-off against the last of SL.

This should surely whet the appetites also on the side of Neuchâtel, Yverdon or Stade-Lausanne-Ouchy. If candidates for the rise want to declare themselves, it will be next season or never!

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