Les 3 All-NBA Teams de Basketsession cette saison

The 3 All-NBA Teams in Basketsession this season

With the season officially over, it’s time to draw conclusions by trying to skillfully put together the three best five of the year. The three All-NBA Teams. In order to respect the positions defined by the league, I have selected a pivot, two wingers (Forwards) and two backs (Guards) for each team. History that it is a little realistic. Attention, puzzle exercise.


Guard: Chris Paul

Indestructible. For the fourth time in his career, Chris Paul led a franchise to its all-time high. 64 wins for Phoenix Suns at the top. Monty Williams’ players showed that their qualification for the finals last year was not just the result of an accident. They are definitely the best team in the Western Conference. And even the entire NBA this season.

With at its head a brilliant leader, leader, distributor, decisive. CP3’s scoring statistics and Devin Booker’s cards by his side probably cost him a potential MVP (and vice versa) but with more than 14 points and almost 11 assists (number 1 in the NBA obviously), the veteran is still the “Point God.” »

Guard: Trae Young

Impressive. If the Atlanta Hawks managed to save their season by snatching at least the play-in – which is already a task after being in the Conference finals last year – it is primarily thanks to Trae Young. Normal, everything goes through him there. He is a driver-deliveryman, scorer-passenger. Almost 30 pieces, almost 10 caviars. Modern Nate Archibald in numbers.

Despite the defensive attention that is constantly on him, Young is shooting 46% and even 38% from behind the arc. It’s really strong. The comparisons with Stephen Curry were really not usurped.

Forward: DeMar DeRozan

Surprising. Already to find him here, at 32 years old. DeMar DeRozan had the best season of his career late. He has always been strong but he has further sublimated since his arrival at the Chicago Bulls. Surprising, too, not to have it higher in the end. For a time, he could claim the MVP trophy. And therefore a place in one of the first two major five.

But DD also pays for the fall of the Bulls, from first to sixth place in the East. He was able to stay the course in any case. 27.9 points on average, a career high. And a series of 30-unit matches that will be remembered, but also in the history of the Illinois franchise.

Forward: Pascal Siakam

Refreshing. To say that the Toronto Raptors had to make a transition season. Well the result is more than convincing: 48 victories and a fifth final place in the East after a superb rise in the standings. With Pascal Siakam back at the top of his game. The level of play displayed is worthy of his All-Star status for a time expected to assume the role of franchise player in Toronto.

In reality, he is an atypical basketball player. Not necessarily a traditional first option but a superstar in a role player costume. A guy who contributes by bringing 23 points, 8 rebounds and more than 5 assists. We are in a hurry to see what the Dinos can give in the playoffs.

Center: Karl-Anthony Towns

Hesitant. Rudy Gobert could have claimed it. But I wanted to reward the great season of the Minnesota Timberwolves. The franchise may finally find the playoffs (seventh, it has two chances via the play-in) while the Utah Jazz disappointed me overall, and this when I did not expect much- thing. Even if it is ultimately not so much Gobert’s fault.

Karl-Anthony Towns had a rather special season for a pivot, even quite simply unique. 24 points, 10 rebounds and 41% behind the arc! The “modern” interior (it doesn’t mean anything, or so it does, but there are several different definitions) par excellence.


Guard: Stephen Curry

NBAStephen CurryLeBron James

Arfffffff, it will perhaps cringe for those who would have liked to see it in the first five. But the missed matches due to injury at the end as well as the inconsistency that Stephen Curry showed, especially in terms of address, pushed me to demote him. But the Golden State Warriors point guard still had an excellent season.

I mentioned his clumsiness but it’s almost unfair because he’s only clumsy by his own standards. He remains 38% behind the three-point line on the season in addition to his 25 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists. All while being defended like no other player in the NBA. A crack. Can’t wait for his return to the playoffs.

Guard: Ja Morant

Aaaaaaaaah. It was necessary to decide between Luka Doncic and Ja Morant for the first selection (spoiler). It is therefore the leader of the Memphis Grizzlies who goes down a notch below. That might come as a shock, considering the Tennessee franchise finished second in the West with a stellar season from Morant. But the man’s sympathy capital, as well as his outstanding athletic qualities and the “surprise” of finding the Grizzlies so high mean that his season is perhaps a little overestimated.

Be careful, he was extraordinary. You have to be exceptional to be among the four best guards of an NBA season. 27 points, cards, key moments. But in the end, Doncic has better statistics and a better collective record on the matches they have played. Memphis being incredibly strong without its point guard. Suddenly, advantage to the Slovenian, who is undoubtedly a more complete and even more talented basketball player.

Forward: LeBron James

Beeeeeeeh, 37 years old, 19 NBA seasons and LeBron James is not far from finishing as the league’s top scorer. 30.3 points average. Unheard of at this stage of a career. Afterwards, yes, he clearly focused on that and his attitude was not particularly exemplary this season. An almost total disinterestedness at times and the Los Angeles Lakers adrift.

Nevertheless, James can probably always lead a team very far with good support. Even very well surrounded. Not just in terms of talent but also consistency. All that to say that the King may have lost his crown but he remains incredibly strong.

Forward: Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant MVP Brooklyn Nets NBA

Pfiouuuu, that’s a hell of a five with already Curry, LBJ and now Kevin Durant. The Brooklyn Nets superstar could also have been listed higher. But KD has only played 55 games and his franchise will have to go through the play-in to seek qualification for the playoffs. It still does work.

Beyond that, Durant was once again impressive. In fact, when he plays, he is the best basketball player in the world. But he does not play enough to really establish his dominance. Still, no one will want to face him in the playoffs.

Center: Joel Embiid

Ohhohohohohohohoho. Don’t hit me, don’t hit me! Choosing between Nikola Jokic and Joel Embiid was a bit like choosing the MVP before the hour. Alright, so you guess my choice. It’s kind of unfair because it makes Embiid feel like it’s doomed to not win no matter what. His season is amazing. I even lack superlatives. I’m not even 100% convinced that he’s not the MVP yet. But for now, I put it in the second five.

It’s cruel for the league’s leading scorer, the first pivot since Shaquille O’Neal to win this title but also the first since Moses Malone to exceed 30 pawns. A double-double machine. An unstoppable player. A circle protector. The leader of a franchise that finishes in the top-4 in the East. But still the second best NBA pivot.


Guard: Luka Doncic

The most elegant. His return to form propelled the Dallas Mavericks to the top-4 in the Western Conference. The Texans even went to a small victory of the podium. And it’s damn strong when you look at the workforce. Luka Doncic is the only superstar on board. A young man who continues to flirt season after season with the average triple-double while easily reaching 28 points.

In fact, he may even be the best player in the Western Conference – although there is real debate with Nikola Jokic (and Kawhi Leonard but hey). Important data since in the playoffs, the best player on the field is sometimes enough to make the difference.

Guard: Devin Booker

Devin Booker

The most clutch. What a development for Devin Booker. The arrival of Chris Paul and the change in status of the Phoenix Suns have completely changed the outlook on the American rear. Rather ironic, huh. Not really cited for the MVP, Booker still deserves to be retained in the first five of the season.

He dominated throughout! Without being as spectacular as Morant or Curry but by chaining studious performances while being decisive in the many tight matches won by the Suns.

Forward: Jayson Tatum

The most satisfying. Sometimes so frustrating, Jayson Tatum has asserted himself as a better leader in 2022. And this progress, this change of course, must come with a reward. His performances are not necessarily more brilliant than those of Kevin Durant but he played twenty more matches while leading the Boston Celtics to second place in the Eastern Conference!

At last. Especially with 27 points, 8 rebounds and 4.4 assists (career high), Tatum continues to blacken the statistics sheets, night after night. I just hope he won’t want to play Kobe Bryant too much in some playoff games. Unless he manages to really imitate it by reaching an exceptional level.

Forward: Giannis Antetokounmpo

The Strongest. The total basketball player. The best player on a planet where Kevin Durant misses around twenty matches each year. Maybe even the MVP of the season, although I’m afraid voters don’t pay enough attention to his performances. Giannis Antetokounmpo is the ultimate player. There is nothing that nobody can stop him.

He doesn’t even need to shoot to dominate. But he still continues to progress in free throws. And just progress. He is stronger season after season. Still 29.9 points (his career best average), 11.6 rebounds and 5.8 assists while being one of the favorites for ROY. Which class.

Center: Nikola Jokic

Nikola Jokic Denver Nuggets NBA

The most awesome. A crack. His season is even brighter than the previous one, when he had already been voted MVP. Supporters of Joel Embiid still need to understand that Nikola Jokic is evolving without his second and third best player. The Denver Nuggets without him would be even weaker than the Philadelphia Sixers without the Cameroonian (the stats also point in this direction). That is to say.

Leading in most quantified categories, impressive to the “eye test”, loving, dominant, modern, more and more complete even in defense, the Serb has completed an unprecedented exercise. 27-14-8, 32 PER, 15 Win Shares. The MVP.

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