Pas de football ce mercredi 13 avril pour les jeunes licenciés de l'ACBB

the ACBB club suspends its training due to the aggressive behavior of some parents

Since the information came out in the Parisian newspaper on Monday evening, Pascal Quatrehomme receives many messages of encouragement and support from the amateur football community in Île de France. President of the football section of the ACBB since last November, he decided on Monday to mark the consciences of his licensees and their families: No football this Wednesday, April 13 for the young members of the ACBB club. Blame it on some unscrupulous parents who behave more and more badly during the matches. “We block all the balls in the locker room this Wednesday!” slips us the president Pascal Quatrehomme.

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Verbal abuse and beginnings of physical aggression

The incident too many that angered the ACBB Football steering committee took place on Sunday in the U15 category. An ACBB parent insulted a club coach in the middle of a match because his son was a substitute. Situation which brought up all the incivility of the season with, for example, parents who are on the verge of coming to blows on the edge of the field, dads who grab the coach by the arm and vociferate or even moms who return on the field and ask in the middle of a match for explanations on “why their child is only a substitute?”. Just on the weekend of April 9 and 10, three incidents with parents who slipped up for the ACBB, as Pascal Quatrehomme explains:

There were verbal attacks. Bird names after a discussion that most of the time starts with “why doesn’t my son play?”. The educator stresses that he has explained himself to the young person, but the parent wants another explanation, and believes that his child is not being respected. The rest, we more or less prevent the educator from leaving the field, we give him a shoulder and that for us is already an attack. So once again, there were no blows, injuries, we are not filing a complaint but it is the beginning and we must stop it dead. And then the insults, there are children, parents who witness this and these are things that are inadmissible to hear that we don’t want to let pass.

Deplorable attitudes which concern only “2% of parents” but which pollute the atmosphere of a club renowned for its training but also for its requirement of the high level among young people.

Collective punishment and meeting for coaches

Some parents that France Bleu Paris has contacted, but who do not wish to testify at our microphone, say to themselves anyway circumspect of this decision to collectively sanction the 1,200 licensees for a few “fanatics”. Still, at the club, we assume this decision and hope for everyone to be aware of this subject of parental incivility and Pascal Quatrehomme to specify “the idea is to also ask for the support of the 98% of parents and licensees who do not pose a problem. This majority of parents must dialogue and explain to the 2% who create some problems: that yes my son has already been a substitute, that’s Went very well. We just need to bring some calm to the stands.”

This Wednesday, the club will bring together its coaches and educators to support them but also to discuss with them and remind certain rights and duties of a technician towards a young person.

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