La superstar NBA des Philadelphia 76ers, Joel Embiid, sourire aux lèvres

The amazing player that Joel Embiid will thank all his life

Before having a memorable career in the NBA, Joel Embiid followed a path that could not have been more singular, which could have deprived him of a place in the league. However, he benefited from the help of an All-Star in his youth, to whom he is now very grateful.

Unfortunately for him, the recent poor results of his franchise could squander his chances of being crowned MVP at the end of the season. Still in the race for the trophy, Joel Embiid will however struggle to catch up with his two competitors, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Nikola Jokic. It should anyway for the second consecutive year rank in the Top 3 votes for the distinction.

This illustrious streak should not console the pivot of the 76ers, but would undoubtedly have satisfied him if only six years ago, when he had not yet played a single game in the NBA after two blank seasons. He nevertheless managed to overcome the various obstacles that stood in his way. Not without big personal questionsof course, nor the help of sometimes prestigious outsiders.

The All-Star who put Joel Embiid in the spotlight

Even before landing in the NBA as the 3rd pick of the 2014 Draft, Embiid took time to get noticed in the league. Relatively little known during his high school studies, the Cameroonian big man really revealed himself on the side of Kansas, where he shared the poster with… Andrew Wiggins. He recently hailed the impact the Warriors winger has had on his career on the podcast. The Old Man and the Three.

I will always thank him, because when he arrived in the NCAA, he had so much hype. People were like, “He’s the next LeBron” talking about him. And I kind of used that to my advantage because there were so many scouts, every day, coming to watch our practices. They were looking at us, and one day they thought, “Who is this guy? »

Teammates of Wiggs with the Jayhawks, JoJo took advantage of the Canadian’s rating at the top level to make a name for himself. All while making sure to show the scouts all his talent.

After training, I took the ball and went on my own on the floor. I started to do lots of exercises. I showed the scouts what was in my stomach. I was showing them it wasn’t just Wiggs. If it hadn’t been for all that hype, I don’t know where I would have ended up. Maybe I would have arrived in the NBA, but under different circumstances. We will never know.

The beautiful continuation of the story is known to all, and saw the two men meet during the last All-Star Game under the colors of Team Durant!

Much more feared today than Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid once had to ride the Canadian wave to create his own. The Philly star doesn’t forget where he comes from, and that’s to his credit!

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