La star NBA des Brooklyn Nets, Ben Simmons, voit sa galère se poursuivre concernant son état de santé

The big Ben Simmons teaser that will ignite Nets fans

Intended to play the play-in tournament, the Nets are still waiting to know if they can count on Ben Simmons. His return still uncertain, the star leader has been the subject of an announcement that promises great things from him!

While the 76ers are gradually developing automatisms with James Harden, the Nets are still waiting to be able to do the same with their flagship rookie from the last deadline. Almost two months after arriving in Brooklyn, Ben Simmons still hasn’t had the opportunity to debut his new franchise. Not by choice, but because of a stubborn injury.

Handicapped in the back, the Australian still does not know when he will be able to return to the NBA grounds. A recent viral photo has given fans hope, but remains for the moment without positive consequences. It is therefore a priori without him that Steve Nash’s men will have to do at the end of the regular season, hoping to be able to find him in good shape during the postseason. It is even a brand new Big Ben that could be discovered there!

Ben Simmons even stronger on his return?!

After nearly a year of inactivity, it will no doubt be difficult for Simmons to display his former level as soon as he returns to the courts. However, that doesn’t mean he can’t be as dominant as he has been in the past, or even more so. His personal trainer Chris Johnson, guest of the podcast no chillhas indeed revealed the reasons that could lead the leader to increase his performance at BKN.

You will see it go to the next level. Change of scenario, change of coaches, change of environment, new situation, new system… When you look at Mike D’Antoni and what he did with Steve Nash, he was double MVP under him. D’Antoni made James Harden a league MVP. There is something in his offensive coaching that allows players to move on.

Admittedly, the contribution of a Mike D’Antoni could have been extremely beneficial to Simmons, he who had joined the staff of Steve Nash in 2020. However, the former head coach of the Suns and the Rockets left his post. last summer to join the Pelicans as an advisor. The Fresh Prince will therefore not be directly entitled to his advice and teachings at the Nets.

Nevertheless, it could be that D’Antoni transmitted part of his method to Nash, whom he therefore accompanied last season, but also trained for 4 seasons in Phoenix. If that’s the case, Simmons has a lot to learn from his new trainer, who knows a lot about lead management anyway. The competition is warned!

Already annoying in terms of matchup in Philadelphia, Ben Simmons could prove even more problematic with the Nets according to his personal coach. The Steve Nash touch, inspired by Mike D’Antoni, could work wonders!

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