The Canadian currently has 10 defenders in the team's environment

The Canadian currently has 10 defenders in the team’s environment

After the trade deadline has passed, an NHL club does not need to have a maximum of 23 guys on its roster. The only trick that is necessary is to comply with the salary cap.

This is what explains why the Canadian will be able, on the sidelines of Jonathan Drouin’s injury, to activate Carey Price when the time comes.

And that’s what explains why the CH has so many guys in Montreal. After all, besides emergency reminders, a club is only entitled to four reminders after the deadline.

So it makes more sense to have a bunch of guys up top, even if it creates big lineups.

And it’s the CH, that is reflected in particular by the attackers (16), but especially among the defenders. Right now, no less than 10 defenders are within reach of Martin St-Louis.

Depth or poisoned gift? I say depth, but…

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Of the lot, Justin Barron is still injured (we don’t really hear from him) and clearly, William Lagesson is not really an option. It was one throw in in the Brett Kulak deal and he will officially become UFA this summer.

Tonight, for example, it’s Chris Wideman and Kale Clague who will be left out. In the past, Jordan Harris has been seen giving up his turn to learn from the catwalk. Corey Schueneman is also the kind of guy who can step aside.

Basically, for these six guys, there are two places since Joel Edmundson, David Savard, Alexander Romanov and Jeff Petry, if they are healthy, will definitely play. And they will play a lot.

Wouldn’t it be better to send Barron and Schueneman to Laval right now to avoid having too many guys on the Bell Center catwalk and to prepare the youngsters for the playoffs down there? Remember that if they have to be recalled on the basis of an injury to a guy from CH, that does not count among the four recalls allowed.

A lot of

– Why?

– Anyway, kids don’t listen to their parents when they’re on the ice. They focus on playing. It’s no use shouting.

– Who should be watched?

– Speaking of the wolf.

– Clearly.

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