The Canadian needs a second pair of attacking impact players

The Canadian needs a second pair of attacking impact players

In recent months, the Caufield-Suzuki duo has stood out for its offensive performances. On their own, they can change the look of a match, but you have to face the facts; when it doesn’t work for them, it doesn’t work for CH. This is why the Canadian must add more offensive depth.

Adding more offensive depth doesn’t necessarily mean having even better 3rd and fourth lines. That, the Canadian has been doing well for years. It pays, but not enough. What would be needed would be to forge a second line that is able to support Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki when they are not on the ice.

Dany Dubé, during a column at 98.5, revealed that according to him, the CH needs a second pair that can support the first line.

“That’s really what the Canadian lacks, it’s a One-Two Punch. Because there, the evening when [Caufield et Suzuki] have a toothache, I can tell you one thing, it’s more difficult. – Dany Dubé on 98.5

Caufield and Suzuki are currently the team’s top two scorers, but their closest pursuer on the roster is Rem Pitlick. Pitlick is doing a great job, yes, but he still doesn’t seem like the kind of guy you can count on to support the attacking game every game.

The next drafts will be decisive. It is certain that the Canadian will have an excellent choice this year (probably in the top-5). It will not only be necessary for the Canadian to draft players who can produce in attack, but it will also be necessary to sign interesting free agents.

Among the unrestricted free agents expected to be available at the end of the season are several interesting names.

  • Patrice Bergeron
  • Claude Giroux
  • David Perron
  • Bryan Rust

Yes, these players will be expensive and it will be necessary to adjust the wage bill on the side of Kent Hughes, but it is an achievable objective to get the club back on its feet next year.

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– Only one point separates the two teams at the top of the championship.

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