The CH will hold an "alumni dinner" in the coming weeks

The CH will hold an “alumni dinner” in the coming weeks

Although Marc Bergevin has done many good things during his time as GM of the Montreal Canadiens, there is one facet of his reign that has left a bitter taste for many people around the organization: the way he dealt with former members of the organization.

Indeed, we have often seen former Canadiens criticize the fact that they were often left out. I am thinking in particular of Patrice Brisebois, who had been very critical of this situation when he had been invited to La Poche Bleue earlier in 2022.

However, with the changes in the organization chart hockey, we felt that a door to restore a place to the old in the organization was open. And obviously, actions follow words, as Sergio Momesso revealed earlier in the evening that he had been invited to an “alumni dinner” which Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton will also attend.

This will take place in the coming weeks.

Obviously, we do not know the complete list of guests, but beyond that, seeing this initiative being taken shows that the desire to recreate bridges with the old is real.

I don’t know if the idea came from the Hughes-Gorton duo, from Geoff Molson, from France Margaret Bélanger, from Chantal Machabée or from all these beautiful people together, but in any case, it’s a good one.

Will this pave the way for future decisions that will aim to offer places to alumni in the organization? In the playoffs last year, Bob Gainey came to talk to the players (we even created the “Gritty Bob” trophy internally). That’s something that could be repeated with other elders, right?

In short, to follow, but I like to see the Canadian trying to recreate his bridges with his former members. The NHL may have changed, but there are veterans who have knowledge that can still benefit the team, I’m sure.

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– Pity.

– One real thing!

– We can understand that.

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– Quite impressive.

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