NBA Awards MVP 30 mars 2022

the community has voted, here are the results

With less than a fortnight before the end of the regular season, the theme of the NBA Awards is coming back more and more to the table. In order to get everyone’s opinion, we decided to launch polls on social networks to see who your winners were for this 2021-22 season.

The Most Valuable Player, the Most Improved Player, the 6th Man of the Year, the Defensive Player of the Year, the Rookie of the Year, the Coach of the Year, all the individual awards were on the program and we requisitioned the community. on all possible platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to get as many reviews as possible. Given the number of votes, we greatly appreciate that you played the game and it may have given rise to some very intense debates on a background of “but nah this one doesn’t deserve”, “you should watch the matches” etc. In short, lively discussions over a drink, slumped in an ottoman or in the middle of a family meal, everything we love. We give you the big high five for your participation and, without further ado, we look at the results of the votes.

#Most Valuable Player 2021-22

The people voted and your MVP 2022 is therefore called Joel Embiid with almost 40% of the vote. Nikola Jokic takes second place while Giannis Antetokounmpo closes the march with a good delay on the leading duo and he is squarely ahead of the “other choices” (Devin Booker, Chris Paul, Luka Doncic, DeMar DeRozan, Ja Morant, etc. ). Same result with the Instagram vote, in a face-to-face format, which offers the statuette to Embiid with 54% of voters against 46% for the Joker.

#Most Improved Player 2021-22

If the vote for the MVP still seems quite uncertain, that for the Most Improved Player is no doubt. With 72% of the vote, Ja Morant can already dust off a shelf at home to receive his trophy. Incredible with the Spurs and new All-Star, Dejounte Murray acts as dolphin but he was starting too far to expect much. Instagram confirms the trend with 76% of votes for the nugget of Tennessee against 24% for the leader of the Spurs.

#6th Man of the Year 2021-22

We’ve been repeating it over and over for months and it would have been amazing to see you make another choice. Without any competition, Tyler Herro is the 6th man of the year. Almost 21 points on average off the bench, a crucial role at Sud Plage, good luck voting for someone else. With 87% of the votes, he pulverizes the competition. Unfortunately, we don’t have the details of the remaining 13% but it will probably be Kelly Oubre Jr. or even Kevin Love. The domination is a bit less on Insta with “only” 84% of the votes. Something tells us he will survive.

#Defensive Player Of the Year 2021-22

We are now moving on to the DPOY and, good news for Rudy Gobert, a fourth trophy could quickly take the direction of Saint-Quentin! With 66% of the votes on Twitter, and up to 85% on Instagram, Gobzilla has a straight line to join Ben Wallace and Dikembe Mutombo, the only winners to count four awards among legendary defenders. Come on Rudy, it’s time to make history!

#Rookie of the Year

Evan Mobley and Scottie Barnes have not left each other for the season but a choice had to be made between the two nuggets. We could have thought of a tighter score but it is the Cavaliers rookie who explodes the scores with 63% of the vote, ahead of Barnes (27%) while the followers of Cade Cunningham (or others) just exceed the 10%. Instagram is even more violent with 80% for the Twin Tower against only 20% for the Swiss army knife of the Raptors.

#Coach of the Year

There are many talented coaches this season but we decided to keep only three for this survey. While one would have thought that the path strewn with pitfalls of the Heat was going to offer good results to Erik Spoelstra, this one finished only third of the votes (15%) behind Ime Udoka (19%), in full rise with Boston, and Suns maestro Monty Williams (59%). In the Instagram vote between Williams and Udoka, Chris Paul’s boyfriend’s lead is even greater (80-20).

6 individual trophies, thousands of votes to decide between the players / technicians who have come out heavy this season. A big thank you to the community and see you in a few weeks at the NBA Awards to see if you have Madame Irma’s gifts.

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