the Flyers have it “solid escape” according to Bob Hartley

the Flyers have it “solid escape” according to Bob Hartley

The Ketih Yandle file was very badly handled by the Philadelphia Flyers. And no, I’m not one to think that the Flyers head coach is the only one to blame in this story. A decision that has such a big impact on the image of an organization must come from the top. And as Bob Hartley said on 91.9 Sports, the Flyers escaped it solid.

The Arizona Coyotes have more often than not been the laughingstock of the NHL. Despite this, a few weeks ago they took the trouble to play Phil Kessel a little 30 seconds before sending him to Arizona on a private flight so he could attend the birth of his child without losing his streak. of consecutive matches.

The Flyers simply decided to leave Yandle in the stands. Yes, I get it, Yandle is bad this season. Yeah, I get it, maybe he doesn’t deserve to play. And as Bob Hartley says, if the Flyers were in a playoff race, they would have been totally right to sit Yandle.

But this is not the case.

And for those who say the Flyers need to make room for younger people, I agree. But Nick Seeler is a 28-year-old defender who played just over 10 minutes on Saturday night. Would it have been so hard to give Yandle those minutes.

Some say it’s because Seeler put up a fierce fight against Nicolas Deslauriers in the game before.

Well, I don’t agree with this logic, but it’s the Flyers so it’s possible.

So why not employ seven defenders? Or use Yandle on the wing on a fourth line? The possibilities were many.

The Flyers picked the worst.

We are talking about a guy who could have become the first player in history to play 1000 consecutive games. A feat that would have followed him for the rest of his life. Instead, he will have to settle for being overtaken by Phil Kessel for first place in history before long.

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