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the Knicks and Wizards were officially bad, here they are officially eliminated

It’s been official since the middle of the night: the New York Knicks and the Washington Wizards are eliminated from the race for the Playoffs. The opportunity for us to look back on their seasons respective regulars and be careful, there is a mess in spades.

Well, we’re not going to make a dish out of it… In fact, we’re even going to make a meal out of it. Trae Young who eliminates Knicks hung up on the result of the game between the Hawks and the Cavs? Hum, we see them again, the NY fans, in a trance at the exit of Madison Square Garden during the first game of the season, even though it chanted not very sweet words for the young leader of the Hawks. Well today, karma is ultimate and that, regardless of the winner and the loser, is magnificent. Ok, parenthesis over, but know that the famous post-victory video against Boston will be running all day. On the sporting level, the Knicks have yet started their season at a hell of a pace, so much so that it was believed for a time that they were the best team in the Big Apple. But hey, as my great-uncle used to say, it’s at the end of the fair that we count the dung. And the filth this year, there has been more than one in New York. The following ? Air hole over the last two months, we remain polite. 3 wins in 20 games, that’s class. We can also quickly talk about the Julius Randle case. Establishing yourself as the boss of the team over the first months of competition, starting to piss off the other teams who expect to have to fight to contain the guy… then finally, ruin everything, and even end the season at light years away from the group in terms of interest in the game, being at the heart of rumors saying he’s away from his teammates in the locker room… Damn. And it’s a shame, because besides that, some guys have more than respectable seasons. RJ Barrett averages 20.1 points for example, very honest, mention also to the new award-winning 3-point shooting record holder in the franchise over one season, Vavane Fournier, who gave us a few outings to more than 30 puntos and we enjoyed it, even if overall his exercise at the Big Apple will have been complicated. But we will stop there, with this famous very Knicks record, too low for the Playoffs but too high to hope for anything other than a miracle in the draft. Well done, it’s a work of art.

Also sorry for the Wizards of Washington, but there will be no need for spell casting this season. We close the grimoires at the beginning of mid-April for a long time and it’s frustrating. We believed in it there too, a little, and when it chained five victories at the start of the season, we even said to ourselves that the guys weren’t kidding. Second in the East at the end of November, it makes an impression by beating the Heat cleanly at home, frankly it’s really serious… But the rest will have proven us wrong, we wallow when everything was going well, by chaining defeats as frustrating as they are illogical in view of a great start to the season. We retain more than interesting individual outings, with a Kyle Kuzma in boss mode who has entertained us almost all season, what an incredible sentence, but the purpose is to be too short at the end and above all to not have never been able to capitalize on this magnificent regular start. Bench too short, rotations limited by injuries, and then the classic beginnings of confusion and rumors of transfers. Those of Bradley Beal have also certainly weighed on the group because when your leader gets into several franchises including Miami, inevitably it weighs down the morale of the troops who are already in doubt. There were reactions, in particular with Spencer Dinwiddie who tried to speak in the locker room, but… not crazy result according to the person concerned. Finally here, like the Knicks it will not pass the course of the month of April, and it is just as frustrating for them as for us.

Come on, off to Cancún, Hawaii, or wherever you want to go, Knicks and Wizards players. Forced holidays in both cases, with fairly similar scenarios. Too bad, we remain unsatisfied because we would have liked to see these teams put on a season like their departure. See you next year !

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