The Old Club and Uccle go back to DH

The Old Club and Uccle go back to DH

The die is cast ! A year after going down, the Old Club is already finding its way back to the elite and we can’t say it’s been stolen. The Liégeois dominated the first round and finished by far with the best attack in D1. It was in front of a full Rocourt stadium that the sons of Tchantchès ensured their rise, at the end of a real thriller. Whatever the score of 5-1 suggests (it’s still 4-1 on the federation’s app: would the referees have lost track of the match?), it was a very competitive play-off . About ten minutes from the end, the two teams were also perfectly tied: 2-1 for Mechelen in the first leg, 2-1 for the Old Club in the return with goals from Tommy Keenan on pc and Pierre De Moor for the Liégeois, and the weekly pc of Manu Mondo for the Malinois. About ten minutes from the end, then, when the local goalkeeper Florent Martin had just pulled off a very difficult save, the Sang et Marines went on the counterattack and Pierre De Moor scored his second goal of the afternoon. This generated an unbalanced end to the match because Mechelen then brought out his goalkeeper… which had no other effect than to provoke two new goals from Liège, by Gauthier Marchandisse and Aymeric Maréchal (5-1). The party could begin and for this kind of thing, we can trust the people of Liège!

At the same time, it was also a party at Merlo where, unsurprisingly, Uccle emerged as in the first leg in front of Namur deprived of Viktor Pokorny and Geronimo Clement. The Blackbirds were not long in taking the lead through Simon Houbart on pc rebound before doubling the gap through Mathieu Latte in the quarter hour. Namur did not abdicate and after a few missed chances came back to 2-1 on stroke by Tomas Dieudonné. The Ucclois put the cover back after the restart, Thibault Cornillie scoring his first goal of the season before Mallory Magnant made the addition. Leading 8-3 on aggregate over the two legs, the Ucclois from the lower part of town had only to wait for the final whistle, which was not reached without Namur closing the gap again, by Loïc Daussogne (4-2) with the collaboration of the local goalkeeper.

The Amicale is maintained, the Shade descends

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