Jayson Tatum Kevin Durant 24 avril 2022

the Playoffs are in full swing and the Celtics beat the Nets at all

Four Playoff games, eleven hours of basketball and about twelve thousand rides. Did you sleep that night? You are either oblivious or lucky, but in any case we also do the job for those who need a quick summary with lunch. Go zou, good lectanche and good dimure.

# The results of the night

  • Raptors – Sixers: 110-102, match scores available HERE
  • Jazz – Mavericks: 100-99, match scores available HERE
  • Nets-Celtics: 103-109
  • Wolves-Grizzlies: 119-118

# What you must remember

# Some memories of the night

# The Top 10 of the night

  • Find it by clicking on this magic link

# The TTFL scores of the night

# The Playoff bracket

# Tonight’s program

  • 7 p.m.: Bulls-Bucks
  • 9:30 p.m.: Nuggets – Warriors
  • 1am: Hawks-Heat
  • 3h30: Pelicans – Suns

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