La légende NBA Michael Jordan a eu un comportement inhabituel envers un SDF, comme l'a révélé une autre ancienne gloire de la ligue

The savagery of Michael Jordan with a homeless man

A player and character in his own right in the history of the NBA, Michael Jordan could sometimes adopt surprising behavior, whether on the court or in everyday life. Charles Barkley took it upon himself to report the shocking attitude he had towards… a homeless person!

It wasn’t really the sympathy or the altruistic spirit that characterized him. Ultimate Bulls and NBA legend, Michael Jordan However, he struggled to make himself liked by his teammates. An observation that can largely be explained by his relationship with them, well highlighted by The Last Dance. Instead of behaving like a good friend, number 23 tended to create a tyrannical atmosphere in his locker room.

Despite its bad sides, this course of action has led to incredible results, which today allow him to appear in a good position in the race for the GOAT title. But this psycho-rigidity did not stop only at the basketball universe. Mike could also scandalize by his actions away from the field, as was the case with Charles Barkley.

Michael Jordan’s explosive speech on the homeless

If they display a tumultuous relationship these days, Barkley and Jordan have nevertheless been the subject of a joint interview in October 2005. Guests on the set of Oprah Winfrey, the two men have among other things mentioned the question… money, Chuck claiming that MJ is just a cheapskate. To support his point, the former interior even revealed a great anecdote involving a homeless person!

Let me tell you a story. One evening, I was going to give some money to a homeless man, and he (Jordan) slapped my hand. And he said to me, “If he’s able to say ‘Do you have any change?’, he’s able to say ‘Welcome to McDonald’s, how can I help you?’ »

Not sure that everyone agrees with this vision of things defended by Jordan!

Oprah, she partly defended this speech, that some of her relatives would also hold. Barkley for his part obviously did not apply it afterwards, as he implied in the rest of his speech.

Oprah Winfrey: You know, I always give them money because I’m afraid they’ll come and haunt me later, but I have friends who say the same thing. That I’m just perpetuating the problem. That if a guy can stand there and do that, it’s like getting paid. So I think there is reason in this theory.

Charles Barkley: Yeah, there are. I stopped one day and gave this guy $100. He had a sign that said, “No lies here guys, I want money to buy me booze.” And I found the sign so funny that I parked and gave him $100!

Despite his immense fortune, there is no question for Michael Jordan of giving a single ticket to a homeless person, as long as he seems able to have a job. Charles Barkley will probably not be the only one to be amazed by this philosophy!

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