Kobe Bryant voulait entrainer Bronny James

The sentence dropped by Kobe Bryant on Bronny James

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Bronny James has an immense chance compared to other NBA prospects: he has been immersed in the environment since a young age and has been able to meet all the big names in this sport. Besides, Kobe Bryant was a fan of him, so much so that he had a crazy project in mind to make him progress.

Bronny James has been immersed in the NBA microcosm from an early age, following his father in each stage of his career. He was born in Ohio, when LeBron played for the Cavaliers, and for a few years now he has lived in Los Angeles, where he has the chance to play in one of the best high schools in the United States. Indeed, Sierra Canyon is an NBA player factory, and he hopes to be the next big name to come out of the Trail Blazers.

And thanks to his father’s wonderful career at the highest level, LeBron Jr. has the honor of being able to rub shoulders with legends of the orange ball and to be able to learn from them. For example, you should know that his godfather is none other than Chris Paul, one of the best point guards of all time, which is rather practical when one is destined to join the NBA one day.

Kobe Bryant wanted to teach Bronny to be personal

The problem is that learning from his father and CP3, Bronny James developed a game similar to theirs, something that visibly annoyed Kobe Bryant when he was still in this world. In an article published by ESPN in 2016, journalist JA Adande made a rather incredible revelation about the Mamba’s big plan for Bronny. He wanted to make him a player who looks like him.

LeBron James is LeBron James, and it’s very difficult to change who we are deep down inside. But Kobe Bryant is convinced he can change the next generation in the James. One day he ran into Gloria James, the King’s mother, and told her he was watching Bronny’s progress carefully. He only issued one criticism: “He makes the pass too much. Let me train him, I will change that”.

Kobe Bryant always had an eye for talent, and he believed in Bronny James a lot… The only flaw he saw in his game was too much altruism, an aspect he probably got from the King, the one of the best passers in history. But let the Mamba be reassured, Bronny has changed over time, and in recent weeks he has been enjoying the AAU circuit by chaining cards and taking more and more shots. The beginning of his explosion at the highest level? Only the future will tell us.

Bronny James plays like his father, he lets the game come to him, which particularly frustrated Kobe Bryant. The Mamba would have liked to see him dominate his opponents with powerful shots and penetrations. But rest assured, Bronny is developing in this direction.

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