The young fan expelled from Scotiabank Arena will attend the Canadiens game on Saturday

The young fan expelled from Scotiabank Arena will attend the Canadiens game on Saturday

The story of young Hunter, this Canadiens supporter who had to leave the Scotiabank Arena before the end of the game Canadiens vs. Maple Leafs Saturday night (to be able to keep the stick that Nick Suzuki had given him), toured the hockey planet yesterday.

Yesterday morning, the Canadian and the Maple Leafs each announced that they were investigating the event.

The Canadian quickly announced (noon yesterday on Twitter) to the Beauparlant family that they were going to send him a Jersey official Nick Suzuki. Cool!

A few hours later, we learned that Nick Suzuki and the Canadian had contacted the young Hunter’s family and that they had invited them to Saturday night’s game at the Bell Centre. The little Hunter will therefore have the chance to see his idol Nick Suzuki with a vest of him against the Capitals. I don’t think Nick will hand him a stick…at least not until the end of the encounter, hehe.


For their part, the Maple Leafs indicated that they had investigated, and then come to the conclusion that there had been no breach on their part. According to the version of MLSE, owner of the Maple Leafs, the family would have walked in the corridors with the stick when there were approximately 10 minutes left in third.

Security would have offered the family to keep the stick in deposit until the end of the meeting, which the family would have refused. Hunter and his father reportedly returned to the hotel, refusing to follow protocol.

Who is telling the truth? Probably both… except for a few nuances. Because there are always two sides to a story.

That said, if the Leaves really offered to keep the stick in locker for the family for the last 10 minutes of the game, they won the jackpot: a stick, an autograph, a photo, a Jersey official, an almost sold-out game last Saturday and tickets for next Saturday’s game!

I assume that the Beauparlants, who live between the towns of North Bay and Sudbury in Ontario, lead a good life.

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