Shaquille O'Neal a demandé aux Lakers de LeBRon de se réveiller

Their season over, Shaq burns the Lakers one last time

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After a final victory in Denver, the Lakers are officially preparing to start their offseason with a feeling of failure. Shaquille O’Neal is in any case responsible for reminding them, with a last tackle supported before their departure on vacation!

Gossips will say that they would have done better to use this rotation throughout the season. Deprived of their stars for their last game of the regular season, the Lakers ended their ordeal by presenting their B team on the Denver floor. And this one may have delivered a remarkable performance to seek victoryshe still failed to erase the memories of the last few months in the minds of fans.

Indeed, this success will not make us forget the abyssal level displayed by the Angelinos throughout the season, which will have led them to an outright absence from the postseason. The final conclusion therefore remains scathing for Frank Vogel’s men, who will have disappointed more than one this year. To start with Shaquille O’Nealwho after having kept hope for a long time about them, ended up coming to terms with the facts.

Shaq again flagellates the prestigious workforce of the Lakers

Even when his former franchise was plummeting in the Western Conference standings, Shaq continued to predict success in the playoffs. However, sooner or later he had to resign himself, and rebel against the performances of LeBron James and his teammates. In the latest episode of his Big Podcastthe Diesel, for example, described this disappointment as inconceivable given the names that made up the Purple & Gold roster!

You can’t have four Top 75 all-time players and not qualify for the playoffs. Final point. Final point. I don’t care who was playing or not.

For the Shaq, and unlike Anthony Davis, there is no question of taking the many injuries and absences suffered this season as an excuse to explain LA’s poor results.

In his eyes, the combined presence of LeBron, AD, Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony in the workforce should have been sufficient if only to enter the play-in tournament. It turns out that the lack of complementarity of this illustrious quartet will have conversely caused the loss of the team, and caused a big decision-making on the part of the leaders in recent hours.

The offseason project now promises to be substantial for the Lakers, with a group to be reconstructed almost entirely, all while relying on a very limited financial margin. So fans like O’Neal have little hope for next season, even though the Big Cactus has already delivered. his plan to get the franchise back on track.

Before having to put the Lakers subject in the drawer, Shaquille O’Neal therefore shot the Angelinos one last time for their disastrous season. The Diesel obviously still can’t believe it, just like a good part of the fans!

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