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Todd McShay Predicts Bears Trade With Atlanta In Latest Mock Draft

With no 1st round pick this year, it’s becoming difficult to find any sort of draft information on the Chicago Bears this offseason. So when a notable expert comes out with something, it’s impossible to resist. Having no 1st rounder doesn’t mean GM Ryan Poles has less responsibility to put together a strong class. For the first time, Todd McShay of ESPN decided to take a crack at what the Bears might do later this month.

His approach wasn’t all that surprising. With Justin Fields at quarterback, the goal for this team must be to surround him with as much help as possible. McShay even leaned into the types of players that Poles seems to covet on that side of the ball. Yet where it gets particularly exciting is when he unveiled a surprise trade. One that pulls the Bears back into direct contact with a familiar face.

Here is the layout in its entirety.

39. Chicago Bears

Tyler Smith, OT, Tulsa

Protecting Fields should be high on the priority list, and Smith is the top tackle still on the board. He has franchise-tackle upside but will require time to get there.

48. TRADE: Atlanta eyes and QB

The Bears have only six 2022 picks and lack a first-rounder. So if Atlanta calls and offers a third-rounder (No. 82) to move up from No. 58 to No. 48, new GM Ryan Poles will be intrigued.

58. Chicago Bears (via mock trade with ATL / TEN)

Jalen Tolbert, WR, South Alabama

This is a little bit of a reach, but the Bears can’t leave Round 2 without a receiver, and Tolbert is smooth with the speed to make vertical plays and produce after the catch. His NFL route tree will take some time to develop, but he would be a high-upside pick. Remember, Allen Robinson II signed with the Rams, leaving Darnell Mooney atop the Bears’ depth chart. ”

In all honesty, no mock draft by a primary expert has come closer to fitting the vision of the new Bears regime like this one. Todd McShay nailed it. Poles said when he took over that he wanted more attitude and violence on the offensive line. Smith embodies that mentality in every way. At times, the Tulsa tackle was a bully at left tackle, embracing a nasty streak that had defenders overwhelmed. Athleticism isn’t a problem either. What he lacks is polish. Footwork and hand technique need improvement.

As for Tolbert, he also checks a Poles box.

He is 6-3 in size and displays the kind of field speed that makes him a threat for big plays every time the ball is thrown in his direction. His route-running also showed improvement at the Senior Bowl, so he’s making progress already. Landing these two players and an additional 3rd round pick would be everything the Bears could’ve hoped for. At least in terms of accomplishing their objectives. The fact it comes courtesy of Ryan Pace’s new team would be a bonus.

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