Tony Marinaro sees Frédérik Gauthier or AJ Greer with CH next year

Tony Marinaro sees Frédérik Gauthier or AJ Greer with CH next year

The Canadiens lost to the Winnipeg Jets last night at the Bell Centre.

Note that one of the newcomers to the team, Justin Barron, was not in the game, he who is injured in the ankle.

As reported by my colleague Charles-Alexis Brisebois, the defender wears an orthopedic walking boot on his right leg.

Nevertheless, last night’s result has very little to do with the 2022-23 season. The team will have another looks next season.

But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t think about next year on the side of the team leaders. We can agree on that.

The arrival of Martin St-Louis may have reinvigorated the performance of some players, but the result remains the same. The club is in the bottom of the NHL rankings, and that’s it.

Let’s start thinking about next year.

We know that there will be a multitude of changes within this alignment. A young defensive? Two young goalies? A completely transformed attack?

These are the questions many supporters are asking today.

Regarding these, some want to see the team grow. And if there are two names that come to mind, according to Tony Marinaro, they may be those of AJ Greer and Frédérik Gauthier.

As we can hear in his most recent episode of the podcast, The Sick Podcast, AJ Greer and Frédérik Gauthier could prove to be interesting names for the Canadian.


The two men notably evolved with Laurent Dauphin at Esther-Blondin College in the Midget AAA a few years ago. Note that Dauphin and Greer have also previously played together in minor hockey, notes Marinaro.

Gauthier, a big six-foot-four colossus, can help out on a fourth line in the NHL. His 178 NHL games are a testament to that…despite the fact that he’s been shuttling between the NHL and the AHL for some time.

Greer (six-foot-three) comes from Joliette and has made his mark in the NHL (45 games played) by being a depth player capable of bringing strength and offense when needed (the margin is slim).

When I look at the profiles of the two players, I think to myself that… Yes, OK, they could be good additions to the team (at the moment). But next year? Do they fit with the philosophy introduced by Martin St-Louis? Would they really make CH a better team?

Does the Canadian necessarily need a player of this caliber in his lineup? A guy (from here) able to play on a fourth line, only to fill a hole in the lineup? When we look at the players already in place, the question is valid…

Both players could certainly have an impact in Laval given their experience.

But the Canadian already has Pezzetta to do the job (and St-Louis doesn’t seem to like it that much) so adding another one… would that really add anything more to the game? team?

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– Remember that the Jets are in the middle of a playoff race right now. Two big points in Montreal, on the road.

– Do you agree?

– Interesting, though.

– It’s over for Doughty this season.

– News from another continent.

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