Toulouse: how the TFC plans to celebrate the rise in Ligue 1 place du Capitole

Toulouse: how the TFC plans to celebrate the rise in Ligue 1 place du Capitole

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The climb has never been so close. Only a few points are missing for the TFC to reach Ligue 1. And if the Toulouse team pulls off this feat, fans will be able to enjoy a real party at Place du Capitole.

Will TFC supporters have the privilege of being able to celebrate a possible climb to Place du Capitole? After an extraordinary season for the violets, with several victories and many goals, the fans hope to thrill downtown Toulouse. Like their neighbors at the Stade, who celebrated their titles on the Place du Capitole, the TFC also wants to have the right to its big ceremony.

But to see the men of Philippe Montanier on the Place du Capitole, it will still be necessary to be patient. TFC need a few points to be officially promoted to Ligue 1 and become second division champions. If the football club validates the precious accession ticket, the town hall of Toulouse wants to see things big. “There is a party planned at Place du Capitole if the TFC is champion”, announces Laurence Arribagé, elected and in charge of sports for the municipality.

A celebration for the supporters

In the event of a title and accession to Ligue 1, fans of the violets will be able to chant their famous song “Healey’s on fire” in the center of the Pink City. A godsend for Thomas, a regular at the Stadium. He has been waiting for this moment for a long time: “Last year, we had the title that escaped us. We’ve wanted to celebrate for a long time. It will be an opportunity to also be able to show the place of football in the city, ”rejoices the supporter. Jersey and scarves in the colors of the club, the Toulousain “has already planned the purple smoke”.

Remember, the 2020-2021 financial year had particularly frustrated the fans. With an empty Stadium, since the promulgation of the camera, and the accession which escapes purple on a final match, the season has left a bitter taste in the mouths of the supporters. This celebration on Place Capitole would be an opportunity to catch up. “We expect that,” admits Laurie, an unconditional fan. “It would be deserved for the club, the players, the leaders but also for us the supporters after all these rather auspicious years”, she adds.

A strong symbol for football fans

After years of poor results, the last two seasons in Ligue 2 have revived the relationship between supporters and the club. With new victories, the old ones of the Stadium want to find the atmosphere of the great evenings. Alain admits, “I’ve only been waiting for this for some time.” He lived the great era of Téfécé, in particular the joys of the celebration at the Capitol in 2003. The Toulousain would like to see “the big atmosphere at the Stadium and in the city” again.

This possible celebration at the Capitol will therefore also be symbolic. As in 2003, it could mark the spirits. “It would be synonymous with the rebirth of Toulouse football,” concludes Thomas.

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