Watch them grow |  The Journal of Montreal

Watch them grow | The Journal of Montreal

It certainly bothers you a little if you look at the NHL rankings and you find the Canadian in the very last position. Not very pretty, but strange feeling, you like to see them play, and yet they accumulate backhands and hardly manage to thwart the opposing defenses.

Sometimes they even struggle to enter rival territory while on the power play. The club is really decimated by injuries, and in addition, we let go of excellent players to acquire choices. But admit that they appear more sympathetic and captivating than two months ago.


It’s a new feeling in Montreal. We haven’t seen it often in such a pronounced and decided way. The time of new blood, renewal, reconstruction and this impression fits marvelously well with the personality of the “big” brother, almost player-coach, that Martin St-Louis quickly became. The new coach is on a mission and his attitude sticks to reality. It’s refreshing, and these ambitions, we are forced to believe in them with names like Suzuki, Caufield, Anderson, Evans, Romanov and others.


Their plan is credible, on the right track and we must not make the mistake of believing that it could go faster than expected. Draft, development and patience. You have to learn to walk before you can run. The rest of the season is a laboratory, countless opportunities to try constructive experiments. There is no longer any real stake and it is time to find out why we gave 50 shots on goal, why we are blocked at the opposing blue line, why we are unable to discover each other.

How to make corrections as a team with an instructor who already in his incredible journey as a player has gone from very low to very high. If his men are currently hanging on his lips, it is because they know that Martin has answers to questions. No, he has never coached before, but he has lived.

Teams have been unable to leave the lowlands for years.

Clubs like Buffalo, the Devils, Arizona, Detroit and even Chicago are no longer lifting. Where are they at fault? Repechage? Development ? Patience? This is where Montreal no longer has the right to make mistakes.

From the enclave

  • Happy birthday to Bernard Parent, who turns 77 today. A legend from Philadelphia, but who also played in Boston and Toronto.
  • Chloe Stroll is near the track during most of his brother’s races Spear in F1. They are faithful, she and her lover, the Australian snowboarder Scotty Jamestwo-time Olympic medalist.
  • Under the honorary presidency of Ron Fournier, the Charles-Lemoyne Hospital Foundation golf tournament will take place on June 6 at the Pinegrove club. It will be more than “popire-popire”.
  • Nearly 53,000 deer (white-tailed deer) were slaughtered in Quebec in 2021. In the same year, around 24,000 moose, 6,000 black bears and 9,000 turkeys.
  • Despite being 45 years old, Zdeno Chara is still down to five fights since the start of the season. A machine.
  • The first NHL team to give a try to Martin St Louis was the Ottawa Senators. Refused, because too small. Then he was given a chance in Calgary where he played 69 games. He exploded with the Lightning. A career 1033 points and number 26 is retired forever in Tampa.
  • The building Dominique-Ducharme currently under renovation, rue McGill in Montreal, has nothing to do with the former coach of the Canadiens. This is the customs building and Dominique Ducharme, fur trader, militia officer, civil servant and justice of the peace, born May 15, 1765 in Lachine.
  • To monitor. The goalkeeper Joe Vrbetic, 19, who is doing his junior in North Bay. Drafted in 7and round last year by the Canadiens, he is having a remarkable season. The little one is 6’6”.

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